FOF #2067 – Tracy Tyler is Back!

Oct 20, 2014 · 1985 views

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One of the most beloved and quoted guests on this podcast is musician Tracy Tyler, a trans gal who rocked out with her band Big Girls Eat Cake.

Tracy’s had her share of challenges as a transgender woman, but she’s always embraced her sexuality and gender identity in very exciting ways and in doing so, helped others to do the same.

Listen as Tracy Tyler brings some of her big mama love and talks about embracing all the lovely flavors of gender expression, her facial feminization surgery and identifying as a gay man in the 90s.


  1. Javier says:

    I’m listening to today’s show right now: so happy and excited to hear Tracy again! I’ve missed her a lot. This podcast and having Tracy back in my life (even if it’s just for today) has made my day!

  2. Loved to hear Tracy again!

  3. Welcome back Tracy…we’ve missed your voice, literally and figuratively!!

  4. rdowney says:

    I just clicked on the site to see what’s new and get stuff downloaded and check on my subscription, and saw this! I’m so excited!!! Yay! Can’t wait to hear this podcast with Tracy! I miss her; hope she’s well. Hugs to you all!

  5. Glad to hear Tracy again! It was great to hear her story as well. Hope you won’t me a stranger to the podcast. All the best to you!

  6. Artemisia says:


    Hey guys I loved Tracy, loved the show : )

    Right now I am going through the same sort of life change. I’ve had my operation I’ve moved out to the east cost and this is this first time I’m not really in the gay community as I was in the midwest.

    I wasn’t a performer but I felt basically adopted by the gay community so I feel the gay community is kind of my tribe. Ill always feel safe there, but I’ve gotten to a point where I’m tired of being treated or feeling different.

    So now I’m just getting to know what it feels like to not be a trans girl thats kind of androgenest to a girl thats kind of tom boy.

    The job stuff is vary true and hard. I went from a job where I got $11.50 an hour, was fired because they said “I didn’t fit in to their couture.” I went back to an old job of five years where they where ok with me but I was down to 7.25 and hour. However when I had to go get my surgery I was told I’d have to quit and I could come back. After surgery they would not rehire me so I felt stabbed in the back.
    Thankfully I now have a part time job thats paying me 12.50 so I feel I’m finally getting back on track.

    Agree! Trans people chill out, laugh a bit, eventually tranny will eventually go back to refereeing to the transmission in your car ‘ )

    Oh my goddess Lana Wachowski is making a show with a trans actress. Sqweee! = ) bounces around the room like the little nerdy geek I am!

    Health Goth. This I got to see sounds vary me. I’m def checking in to that.

    Oh and yeah I was pissed Bono decided to plop his U2 in my iTunes.
    I like U2s old stuff but the new stuff just kind a bla, and when it showed in my playlist out of the blue with all my industrial metal i thought I’d been hacked.

    Hope you have some more shows with Tracy in the future.

    Love <3 <3 : )

  7. So happy Tracy is back 😀 I loved her so much back when she was a regular on the show! I hope we get to see her more often on the show 🙂

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