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Happy Glitter Day! :)

I don’t have a menorah, but I’ve got a Pride votive candle! 😀 (Candle by

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Class on Lady Gaga Offered at U of South Carolina

“Professor Goes Gaga” over Lady Gaga! After becoming obsessed with Lady Gaga, professor Mathieu Deflem created a class to discuss her rise to fame! Supposedly, the focus is more on the sociology aspects instead of […]

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South Carolina Votes to Cut All AIDS and HIV Funds

This is absolutely horrendous.. Just saw this on our 11pm news, and I can not believe that they would do such a thing! This will dramatically impact our gay and black populations. Please pass this […]

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Merry XXXmas! Gay Photos, NSFW

Heard this on today’s Dan Savage’s LoveCast and just had to post it. I know this is late and probably already been posted, but.. I had to do it lol Some are pretty hilarious though. […]

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Oh Lord.. Obese Man Dies in Recliner, Thought God Would Heal Him.

Oh boy.. This is sad.. I understand that the whole concept of religion is really important for people, but when THIS kind of thing happens, it’s neglectful. (I tried to upload a thumbnail, but it […]

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Coil – ”Tainted Love”, Commentary on AIDS

I thought this was incredibly interesting. I’d never seen it before – probably because I’m such a youngin’ – but I thought I would share. It’s pretty depressing, but I’ll never think of this song […]

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On FOF #1894 – Hack Your Way to Happiness

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On VIDEO: Sharon Needles’ “Call Me on the Ouija Board”