FOF #1894 – Hack Your Way to Happiness

Nov 10, 2013 · 1985 views

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Happiness! Feeling good with the way things are can be tricky, a lot of miserable people wouldn’t know happiness if it came up to them and did a lap dance.

Today we’re taking a look at what made these guys happy over the course of their lives. Things you think will make you happy that really won’t and some easy hacks that will make you a happier person instantly.


  1. Marc,

    you almost made me wreck my bike i was laughing so hard. You said Jinkx and Major of the Kikki and Herb OUR generation. We’re the same age. Kikki and Herb are the Kikki and Herb of our generation. 😀

    Jinkx and Major are definitely the Kikki and Herb of THIS generation. What amazing talents. hope their show comes to SF.

  2. Ahh! I love that you guys are bringing back some of the old FOF music for the podcast! Hearing it this morning started my day off right!

  3. Jesse is ridiculously cute. Rescue dogs rule.

    • Isn’t he? We’re really lucky we wound up with this adorable, well-adjusted dog. I hear so many sad stories of dogs that have suffered so much they can’t adjust to a new home. Thankfully Jesse is super sweet, friendly and most important– already house trained!

      • eaalvare says:

        You guys need to give yourself more credit. Patience, balanced home, discipline and giving him love are all good ingredients for a happy dog. Just make sure that you give him a consistency. Dogs require a regular schedule and rules. Oh and long walks 2. Congrats guys.

        P.S. Love my hunty tshirt will be wearing for the drag cruise in 2 weeks! Excited.

      • Please take pics of you in the t-shirt with all the queens, and MAKE THEM EAT IT!!!!

  4. Things that make me happy?!?!?!
    Listening to this podcast of course!

  5. You guys are great for adopting a rescue dog. Me and my buddy Jimmy have been together for over 5 years, never regretted it. Dogs are awesome pals.

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