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FOF #2649 – Making Our Dreams Come True

Sometimes the most effective way to make your dreams come true is to keep it all a big mysterious secret.

Today comedian Tim Warner joins us to take a look at how people’s need for praise and identity gets in the way of getting stuff done.

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FOF #2397 – The 400 Pound Menace

In the most anticipated tv event of the year, Donald Trump faced Hillary Clinton for the first of three general-election presidential debates.

Today we take a look at Trump’s new thick and juicy menace- the 400 lb hacker and all the other oddball moments from last night’s presidential debate.

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FOF #1894 – Hack Your Way to Happiness

Happiness! Feeling good with the way things are can be tricky, a lot of miserable people wouldn’t know happiness if it came up to them and did a lap dance.

Today we’re taking a look at what made these guys happy over the course of their lives. Things you think will make you happy that really won’t and some easy hacks that will make you a happier person instantly.

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FOF #1634 – If You Were Any Prettier, You’d Be Dead

Did you know that people who have more symmetrical faces get looked over for jobs, taller folks die sooner, people and attractive folks, in general, are less fertile?

Today we take a look at some physical obstacles that you may think are holding you back, could actually be saving your life.