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The shows up as “forbidden” on my podcast app. Can you take a look at the settings? » More

On FOF #2765 – Puerto Rico, My Heart’s Devotion

So happy Tracy is back 😀 I loved her so much back when she was a regular on the show! I hope we get to see... » More

On FOF #2067 – Tracy Tyler is Back!

I always love the music episodes of the podcast! This one would have been great for Reverend Yolanda Mapes to be on too 🙂 » More

On FOF #1933 – Songs About Jesus that Don’t Suck

Ahh! I love that you guys are bringing back some of the old FOF music for the podcast! Hearing it this morning started my day off... » More

On FOF #1894 – Hack Your Way to Happiness

Love this 😀 Awesome video, and the song is so catchy! I’ve been singing it off and on since the video came out 😛 » More

On VIDEO: Sharon Needles’ “Call Me on the Ouija Board”