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why can’t justin be this pleasant in the office. i regret all the times i’ve cursed him under my breath. » More

On FOF #835 – HIV, AIDS and the Law

I love this show for the simple fact that you dedicate ½ hour to “Showgirls”. In fact, you can spend an entire hour shouting “Thrust it!”... » More

On FOF #823 – Room Service

i‘ve been commenting based on the blog posts so it’s nice to finally listen to a show. there are indeed some hot cabbies here and those... » More

On FOF #816 – Market Days Madness

can’t get enough of market days coverage! i’m fully prepared to buy overpriced beer and feel self-conscious about my body. i went to college in san antonio... » More

On FOF #815 – Twisted Twister

is it market daze already? ah,yes…i can smell the funnel cakes, port-a-potties, and lube in the air already. I went out after the festival last year... » More

On FOF #813 – Market Days Preview