FOF #823 – Room Service

Aug 20, 2008 · 1985 views

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We’re in San Francisco! As the cradle of gay culture, the City by the Bay is home to fabulous folks who’ve shaped the way we think of all things rainbow. Why did it become so […]


  1. LOL, ok so, I totally didn’t have an erection, it’s just that big HAHA!!
    OH and the comments made about SF queens were all those of Nova Starr, NOT all of us, she lives for shade.

  2. OH AND, my family and myself, are NOT court queens, we LOATHE court queens

  3. It’s that big? Now we’re really sorry we didn’t go on with you guys to that bathhouse!

    I thought your phaser was ready to fire though, and I liked it! 🙂

  4. valhum says:

    Oh great show. I swear i have never been into Showgirls but after listening to you guys and how much you love it i think i will have to watch the movie again haha.

  5. valhum says:

    Oh yeah Austin, we need picture proof. Thanks.


  6. Michael says:

    Great Show!

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time in SF! Wish I was there with you : -(

    So have you looked up the gay icons like Barbary Lane?

  7. I just can’t even believe what a thrill it was to finally meet Marc and Fausto IN-PERSON! We met up with Curtis and had a fantastic dinner at the famous House of Nanking restaurant before getting dessert at a North Beach coffee shop. Yums.

    It’s so different recording the show with everyone actually in the room with you. I think I got shy at first!

    I’m looking forward to such a fun week with the boys. It’s going to be a blast!

    I’m sorry though that Tracy wasn’t able to make it out as well. I guess I’ll just have to make my way to Chicago sometime soon to meet the rest of the gang.

  8. Pete says:

    I love this show for the simple fact that you dedicate ½ hour to “Showgirls”. In fact, you can spend an entire hour shouting “Thrust it!” and it would still be better than the interview with the Gay Republican.

    Elizabeth Berkeley was robbed of an Academy Award. There’s no way somebody like Meryl Streep could have wailed around in a pool like an epileptic, pretending to find Kyle MacLaughlin sexually arousing with a straight face. Jessie Spano/Nomi Malone/Elizabeth Berkeley is an American hero.

    Why are people so shocked by the rape scene? It’s not like everything leading up to that was an exercise in good taste. As the movie tagline says, you should leave your inhibitions at the door. I knew what I was in for the minute I saw Nomi Malone throw up in the middle of the Vegas Strip. It’s Verhoeven, too. He is an incredibly violent filmmaker.

    You guys and Peaches should put on the Showgirls Midnight Mass show here in Chicago this weekend before another group steals the idea. Oh, wait…

    I haven’t been to San Francisco in a long time, but after watching Pandemonium ( ), I’d like to take a tour of the various sites using in the film making. In fact, Pandemonium was also robbed of an Oscar.

  9. ibox2000 says:

    Another good show with Justin. It was nice meeting you at the Fetish Fair in Toronto.


  10. ibox2000 says:

    D’oh. “Jensen”, not “Justin”. Curtis JENSEN. Sorry.

  11. valhum says:

    Oh Peaches, you sound like it is a blast to hang out with you :oD

  12. Peaches Christ is my superstar. It was a blast hanging out with the both of them (Curtis and Peaches) and we get to do it all over again on Thursday night! YES, dreams do come true in San Francisco.

  13. corey says:

    Maybe one day the Academy will give Elizabeth Berkley an Oscar for her work in “Showgirls…”

  14. By the way Corey, LOVE your Janet Jackson inspired avatar.

  15. I loved the show today. The most touching part, was Marc’s story about that old woman crying about the Star Trek Experience closing, and then Marc and Fausto giving her a hug.
    You guys look so cute in those uniforms!!! Hope your having fun in San Francisco.

  16. RcktMan says:

    What a great show! I have enjoyed all of Peaches Christ’s ‘appearances’ on the show previously, but having her in the studio– albeit the on-the-road studio– was an extra special treat! She’s a delight and I really enjoy having her on the show. And what an extra special treat getting to see her ‘behind the mask.’ I’m with the others who think he’s quite the hottie. 🙂

    I’m going to hurry out tomorrow and buy “Showgirls” once and for all. And for the record, my friends and I call the pool sex scene the “Shark Attack” scene. To me that is the most memorable image of “Showgirls.” It’s so ridiculous and impossible that it’s hilarious, and as a result, amazing. You just have to love it.

  17. Another amazing show! I have seen Showgirls 7 years in a row at Midnite Mass and all 7 times I have excused myself to the lobby until the after the rape scene which I cannot stomach. In fact I was totally scarred after I visited the scummiest theater in SF to see it when it was new after hearing all the hype. I saw it at the Strand on Market St. which was very near the Tenderloin. I made the mistake of putting my popcorn on the floor and I was startled by rats chewing the bag. Needless to say I was horrified by the rape scene and it wasn’t until living with a roommate who was obsessed with the film that I learned to love it again. My favorite innapropriate Showgirls moment was after re-entering the theater and hearing someone scream, “black girls lie,” which was follwed by, “my roommate is a racist!” Good times.

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