FOF #824 – Finding Gold in San Francisco

Aug 21, 2008 · 1985 views

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If you’re looking for gold in San Francisco, you can find it in the hearts and minds of every creative spirit that resides in the city, and in the warm hospitality we’ve found at the […]


  1. Gary T says:

    One theory I heard about the reason San Francisco and New York became GLBT magnets is because they were the 2 places that during World War 2, Korean War, and Vietnam War the military would discharge gay soldiers. So people would be drafted from all over the country and what happens when you take a bunch of young men together… so when they would discharge soldiers for being gay, they would drop them off in SF or NY depending on the region of conflict (war). These soldiers didn’t want to return home as their family may not have wanted them around… Just one historical reason.

    See you boys tonight.

  2. Maia says:

    Kevin was a delight! I hope you do have him on for another show.

    Glad you guys are having such a great trip! And relieved to hear that the Hotel Mark Twain in SF is NOT affiliated with the Mark Twain Hotel in Chicago…. 😉

  3. ohmygod, i’m seriously beginning to wonder if my mom smokes pot!

  4. I enjoyed the show with Kevin a lot!

    Really want to travel to San Francisco when I have time.

  5. Kevin was awesome. Loved this show!

  6. Terry says:

    Kevin Thomas was great! Keep it up Kevin.

    Terry (from London)

  7. Kevin from the Hotel Mark Twain says:

    Terry – you’ll have to write to me at the hotel about London fun acitivites – I hope to go there in November, December or January even though the dollar sucks –

  8. Kevin- set up a Feats of Fools profile so we can see your pretty face! Peaches has one.

  9. Kevin from the Hotel Mark Twain says:

    Marc – if you want me to do a Feast of Fools profile just to have one then let me know. Don’t use the guise of “see my face” as it’s plastered all over the two shows I was on.
    On another note, since I am going to San Diego to see “Memphis” for my new report to you guys about musicals, I tried to get to see a rehearsal of Dolly Parton’s new musical “9 to 5” – but they said no. It’s very hush hush I hear. Maybe one day I’ll fly to LA for the day just to see the show as it opens 2 days after I leave Southern California!

  10. I’m not trying to be deceptive. I want to see your face next to your comments. It’s just the way it is around here. I hope you understand.

  11. Jonzu says:

    Great show guys! Kevin was an absolute delight! Made me homesick to catch up with all that is new in the City on the bay!

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