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VIDEO: Gingerbread House 2016 – Linderhof Palace

very year, we look forward to seeing what incredible gingerbread house Curtis Jensen is going to make. This year he paid homage to Linderhoff, one the many whimsical palaces built by King Ludwig of Bavaria. And he did all while wearing a “Cooking with Drag Queens” apron.

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VIDEO: Gingerbread House 2015: Sugar Plum Fairy’s Palace

Every year we look forward to Curtis Jensen’s Christmas Gingerbread Houses. Usually Curtis recreates historic buildings but this year Curtis ventured into the realm of fantasy by making the Sugar Plum Fairy’s Palace from the Nutcracker.

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VIDEO: Gingerbread Church

Curtis is back with another gingerbread masterpiece- this time it’s the Dresden Frauenkirche. See some of his past creations here.

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VIDEO: Downton Abbey Gingerbread House

Every Christmas we eagerly anticipate seeing what Curtis Jensen is going to create out of gingerbread. This year he chose the iconic Downton Abbey. It’s a a masterpiece!

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VIDEO: Better Late Than Never: Gingerbread House 2011

I’m clearly mentally disabled.  I tried to post this during the holidays when it was remotely relevent but didn’t notice the “post” process had moved…  So here it is just in time for  Chinese New […]

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VIDEO: A Glitter Day Gift From Curtis

I’m in.  Glitter Day is my favorite new holiday.  In celebration I transform a gift from Marc and Fausto meant for that other holiday (the one the Christian Right gets so excited about) into a […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: The Best Movies of 2010

Happy New Year FOF’ers!  Time for my annual round up of the best of cinema that I saw in 2010. My criteria is not necessarily what was the most “important” film of the year, but […]

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FOF #1232 – Gagapalooza

All hail our supreme commander- Lady Gaga! This weekend Lady Gaga invaded Chicago and like Queen Amidala in Star Wars, she came with many drag queen look alikes who were spotted throughout the city. From downtown to Boystown- we all have Gaga fever.

Joining us today is Curtis Jensen as we dish up the good, the ugly and the fabulous, from hunks, to skunks and drunks and the mad mayhem at the Steamworks Twisted Twister booth at the gay Northalsted Market Days Festival.

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FOF #1231 – Prop 8 Blowback Mountin’

Prop 8 has been overturned, whee! But a hater’s work is to fight against civil rights and as long as they are getting paid, they’ll do the job.

Still, we’re confident that soon everyone will be able to marry each other, everybody except robots.

Today we’re joined by robot-loving Curtis Jensen to talk about what some of the haters are doing to foil equality.

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FOF #1154 – Oscarcast 2010

It’s another year at the gay Superbowl- the Oscars! Listen as Curtis Jensen, the gay Roger Ebert joins us to look at this year’s winners, all the hot gay moments, and celebrity trainwrecks that made the Oscars a roller coaster of crazy.

Women dominated this year’s ceremonies as they swept the awards for best director, best picture, best actress and best supporting actress! Plus- Ben Stiller as a Na’vi, Farrah Fawcett snub, and Oprah goes gay for Gabourney.

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