FOF #707 – Transadmiration

Feb 19, 2008 · 1985 views

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Tracy is a popular gal with all the trannie chasing, straight identified men. Who can blame them? Tracy has it all, a lovely outgoing personality, a head on her shoulders and a voluptuous body that […]


  1. Hey guys, thank you so much for featuring “Stunning”! I love to act crazy and have fun, which is what we tried to do with this track. You can see the video for it at if you want a laugh! =)


  2. Steven says:

    Audible is fantastic, i got Quantum NLP, to help with my smoking cessation! fanitastic
    Christiane Turner – Quantum NLP (Unabridged)

  3. Kaleb says:

    Great show today guys. Sylvia brown is a charlatan, and here’s some evidence to support that.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceburg. These “so called” psychics are just attention whores that have no regard for the feelings of the people they openly lie to. It’s shameful.

    Additionally, this whole “Divine Inspiration” blather is pathetic. My question for anyone who believes this crap would be, “why do you hate humanity so much?” Why is it so difficult to believe that humans are an amazing species (when they try) and all the good created by them is not the result of some magical sky daddy? Fausto pointed out some very relevant facts about how and why these “primitive” peoples built the structures they did, all of which are common scientific knowledge. That’s the problem I see with the “spiritual/new age” folks … you’re exactly like all of the old religions, willing to except some crackpot belief simply because you either don’t understand or don’t care to learn the real workings behind the world … there is nothing new about the new age movement.

  4. Kaleb says:

    OK, so embedding the videos doesn’t work here, so I’m going to post links instead. Again, this is why Sylvia brown is a moronic charlatan.

    Hell, let’s throw in some other “psychics” as well – John Edwards – Uri Geller & Peter Popoff

  5. kennidi says:

    Im so glad you got to feature Calpernia’s song! She’s an amazing person who has done so much for the Transgendered community! Plus the show was great! I loved Tracy back on, the guys at her party were somewhat creepy…not them all! Trust me I know, but it was a great party!


  6. kennidi says:

    Oh by the way on str8 men with Transsexuals….I know many men who are married that get fucked with their wives strap-on, but they love the feeling it has nothing to do with sexuality. I think that this world needs to stop making sex a label to who’s what. I love sex and I am very open in the bedroom but when you start labeling stuff with guys in particular it starts to weird them out. And yes it is true with gay men they think that since we are “Chick with Dicks” that the guys who love us are men who are gay that are afraid to come out. That’s so wrong, I have been in this life since I was 19 years old, I have seen men as me being a man dressing up and I seen a man with me being a transsexual woman. People can fight me for days on this subject but what it really comes down to is, stop labeling things, we’re just human! All of us, are different and are attracted to various things. I think so many men fall in love with a transsexual is because we are so feminine, most “Real Women” theses days have tried to fight it out with men over the generations on getting their rights as equal as men. But I think along the way they have lost their feminine touch and side. Men want to see their woman embrace that feminine side, not their masc side. I hear it over and over again, “Real Woman” are not women anymore from men. And for us TS women we have been boys and we know were not suppose to be so we embrace our feminine side, love it, exude it, and show it off. Thats why when I do step into a str8 bar I do stand out not because everyone knows I have a dick, but because I come in with confidence and dressed to the nines…I have my makeup done and my hair looks good, and I am wearing clothes that show my curves.

    I love my gay friends, but I see so much hate and separation with the gays and trans people. Because gay men in particular think that we live as women because we couldn’t cut it as men. They dont understand that its something inside us, that we deal with. The more and more I write and talk about it, the more I see it when I walk into a gay club. Gay men just give you that evil look because your in their territory. Which freaking sucks because isn’t it suppose to be GLBT….the “T” stands for Transgendered. Now I think its great that this show is starting to embrace the Transgendered world so many more gay people can see we aren’t freaks that couldn’t cut it as men. Take Calpernia Addam, a friend and someone I admire. She has done wonders with her career and life as a transgendered woman, and she has had the SRS and feels very happy. Look up the transgendered version of Vagina Monologues that Calpernia is in….its fucking great! Everyone needs to see it!

    I think if this world would stop just labeling everything we would have a brighter future ahead for all of us! There’s so much hate in this world, lets just embrace people for who they are and not what they are….size, shape, color, sexual preference, etc.

    Sorry for the rant, but I feel like more trans voices need to be heard! Just happy Tracy is on the show showing a side of it!

    Hugs, Kennidi

  7. Gary T says:

    Tracy is soooo much fun!!!

    You should interview Calpernia. I love her show on Logo.

  8. Steven says:

    I’m a trysexual
    Try Somthing, = Orgasm = Do It Again!
    Try Somthing = NoGasm = Don’t do it again!

  9. WOW!! Tracy is so animated sounding. 🙂

    It has always been my experience that those Jocks like the QB of that football team who screams the loudest at others are usually anxious to try out just what they are screaming about. For instance when I was a little kid in grammar school I remember some of the other boys who would call me all sorts of things and come to find vou the one who instigated it all, is now in the gay clubs doing what he thought I was doing back then!! Go Figure!!

  10. kennidi says:

    Oh by the way…if u want to have a lil history on Calpernia visit also rent the movie Soldier’s Girl, based on her tragic love story…which is true!


  11. detnyre says:

    Great show!!

    I really like the shows with Tracy…

    Keep her coming back!!!


  12. Tracy has such a beautiful energy. She’s so sweet. Thanks for having her on the show. And you guys are great, too! 🙂

  13. Hey Kaleb — first off let me say that her name is spelled “Sylvia Browne” with an “e” LOL — so obviously you’ve never read anything that she’s written or know anything about her. That is obvious from your hasty judgement about her. Sylvia is a spiritualist and the founder of her own chruch. Being a psychic is only one little aspect about her. In fact I don’t put much worth in her psychic abilities and if you read her books you’ll know why I”m saying that . She herself says she’s only ona good day 60 percent accurate. ANYWAY I’m not going to sit here and try to educate you on her spiritual beliefs however before you judge and throw stones you should do some research and pull your head out of the sand and realize that some people in this world are spiritual beings and belive in a higher power. One of those people is me.


  14. Thanks Derek and Fructose —– SMOOOOOOOCH


  15. Tracy is a lot of fun ehehe… that show was quite entertaining…

    and is Sylvia Brown also the same bitch that said that is was impossible for the Incan natives to create the Nazca lines in Peru? i think the Peruvian government banned her from ever returning to the country as well…but all her other theories sounds like a crock of shit.

    another great show guys! 🙂

  16. Tracy always makes me laugh when she sings. Not that I’m laughing at you Tracy, it’s just something about it that cracks me up. And because of Tracy’s inspiration, I now go around my house singing everything. My partner hates it.. 🙂 Love you Tracy!

    Marc/Fausto – I used to be that person that would hug everyone, even people I hardly knew. I don’t know when it started but I just felt very comfortable hugging people. This was normal practice for me until about two years ago when I was told by a new friend and her husband that I “really creeped them out” by hugging them… Suffice it to say, I no longer hug people unless they hug me first.

  17. Rhea says:

    Thank you, Tracy, for appearing on the show more and more regularly! And Kennidi for sharing her views! It is so important for trans people to share their stories and engage the rest of the world in discussion.

    During my volunteer work at the local queer info line, I find I am better able to talk to people who are dealing with trans issues, because I learned so much from Victoria LaMarr’s tales, and now Tracy’s. Rock on, FOF!

  18. SAL-E says:

    Oh my gosh I want that STUNNING SONG…………..I want to redo the video…………I am getting ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    La LA LA LA STUNNING! and what ever she says STUNNING.

  19. Sal-E is “STUNNING” —- he’s “STUNNING” —- OH MY GOD… he’s “STUNNING” …… 😀

  20. “Brace yourself whore you’re about to get a STUNNING”

  21. DCRyan says:

    I really love when you have Tracy on the show, she is so fun and full of life!

  22. Kaleb says:

    Tracy, I apologize for the incorrect spelling. You are correct, I have never read any of her work, however I am familiar with and have done research on other religions and spiritualist beliefs … but I’ll get to that in a second.

    Based on her webiste, the fact that she is “psychic,” appears to be the only aspect about her other than the small “spiritual teacher” addendum in the title bar. If she does say that her psychic abilities are not all that accurate, this is not apparent from her website (call me crazy, but I think an official website should reflect the beliefs of the subject 100%). I can provide further evidence against her “psychic powers,” but as you have indicated that is not the issue here.

    Sylvia is a spiritualist and the founder of her own chruch.

    This brings me back to where I was going with my first paragraph. I have nothing against believing in a higher power (providing that you are not trying to force your beliefs upon me or my government) or in being a “spiritual” being. However, I feel that this should be based upon one’s own understanding of the world, and not what some person random person says. The idea that she has founded a religion is absurd, what qualifications does she have to be teaching spiritualism? I’ll go one step further and ask, what qualifications does anyone have to be teaching any form of spiritualism? From what I understand, the spiritualist’s core belief is that communication with the dead is possible and that revelations about moral and ethical issues, as well as about the nature of God and the afterlife can be obtained by communicating with them. Presumably, the only people that would be “qualified” to teach anything about spiritualism would be mediums or psychics. Sylvia has given clear indication that she believes (or at least wants others to believe) that she is psychic, so she would be qualified to teach. However, there is no real evidence to support her claim of psychic powers while there is clear evidence against it. You yourself stated that you don’t put much worth in her psychic abilities.

    So let’s assume she has no psychic abilities. How can she claim to have any understanding about the afterlife or about the nature of god? Without her psychic powers she is nothing more than an average person with some ideas. Again, in itself, this is not a bad thing, lots of people have wacky ideas about the nature of god and the afterlife. I myself have some pretty strange beliefs about that subject. The reason that Sylvia Browne is a charlatan is the fact that she indicates that she has implicit knowledge on these issues as a result of her “psychic powers” when in fact she is just guessing like everyone else. I admire you, Tracy, for having conviction in your beliefs, but I feel that you may believe them for the wrong reasons.

    ANYWAY I’m not going to sit here and try to educate you on her spiritual beliefs

    To be honest, I don’t want to hear about her spiritual beliefs. I would, however, like to hear yours. I love discussing (though it tends to become arguing with the more irrational beliefs like theism) what and why other people believe about life, the universe, and everything. The idea that someone who appears to be a strong, confident, and in control individual, such as yourself, would shy away from this kind of discussion saddens me.

  23. Tracy rules! 🙂 I like her a lot… the show was great…
    Keep the fun guys!

  24. Tracy is great! She brings along such an up beat and positive personality. She lightens up my workout every time she is on the show! Love it!!

  25. Fishsauce says:

    I’ve caught myself laughing out loud so many times on the bus and at the gym while listening to Tracy (and wearing my FOF t-shirt, of course!). Thanks for making everyone around me jealous!

  26. Sylvia BrownE called me and told me your dog had died. She normally wouldn’t have told me this, but she figured you could handle the terrible news, and that’s why she said so.

  27. Kaleb says:

    I’ve never owned a dog … clearly she must be speaking with someone else’s dog.

  28. Ok — I debated weather to answer you or not — here goes … first off I want to say .. I’m sorry for getting a little ticked off and flippantly posting that you should get your head out of the sand. Clearly you are a very intelligent man so I take that back. However I’m confused because you keep asking all these questions about Sylvia but in the end you say you don’t want to know . If you have questions I would recommend reading “The Other Side and Back” by Sylvia Browne.

    in case you REALLY do want to know here goes …

    her beliefs: Basically she believes that we all choose to come to earth in human form to learn to over come neggetivity. Before we do, we map out our life’s path with our spitit guides and often choose to put ourselves into very difficult sitations or have patterns of having very difficult relationships with people. She belives that most souls have lived many lives on earth. She belives that there are 3 types of souls. Dark souls, Lite Souls, and Grey Souls. She doesn’t believe in sin or religious dogma instead she belives you’re either a good person or your a bad person. SHe believes that there is no after life for dark souls so she doesn’t belive in hell. And she doesn’t condem homosexuality and more importantly she addresses transexuality and says that it’s simply because we are female souls. She is very sex possitive and claims that there is a form of sex in the spiritual afterlife of soul melding.

    By psychic “powers” that you’re refering to — I don’t know if she’d call them “powers” but she belives that she can’t really predict the future , Instead what she does is read your life’s map from your spirit guide and tells you what’s on that map.

    You asked what qualifys her — she started out as a liscensed hypnotist and was in practice for about 20 years before she developed her spiritual teachings. Most of her knowledge about spiritualism comes from countless hours of past life readings.

    — So I belive in her spiritual teachings — never have I ever read something that has resonated so strongly with me. I’ve read most of her books and continue to see her as a wonderful wealth of spiritual knowledge and no nonsense matter of fact ways to look at religion.


  29. Glen says:

    Oh I wanted to jump into my ipod and give Fausto a hug when Sylvia’s name came up and he shouted “THAT BITCH!”.

    This was a great show – thanks for making it!!!

  30. Kendall says:

    I enjoyed this show so much – when Tracy was showing us how to speak lower – I just bust out laughing!!! She is so fun!!

  31. thanks Kendall

    —- so I guess I’m the only one out there that likes Slyvia Browne LOL LOL— oh well


  32. Glen says:

    Oh Tracy, I may hate Sylvia – but I LOOOVE YOOOOUUU!!!

  33. Geostud says:

    Love when Tracy’s on the show! Can’t wait for the call-in show tomorrow for the Oscars!!!

  34. It’s not a callin show for the Oscars. Its a live chat :
    Join us on our chat room this Sunday with Amanda Steinstein, Tracy Tyler, Marc Felion and me Fausto Fernós as we discuss live all the fashion, drama and hi-jinks of the 80th Annual Academy Awards Ceremonies.

    We’ll be posting live our thoughts and ideas on this RED CARPET RIDE here on the FOF and of course, our favorite comments will be part of Monday’s show.

    Want to be part of the FOF? This is your chance to shine!

    Click here to test out the chat room.

  35. Billy says:

    Tracy, when you were yelling like Oprah i started crying becasue it was so so funny. She does just yell at random times during her show.


  36. Richard says:

    Tracy, you’re such a riot to have on the show, because you so animated and you just tell it just like it is. When you started yelling like Oprah Marc and Fauto were all like Whaaaaat?? Why is this crazy woman yelling? LOL. I admit, after Cruise and his Scientology bullshit I lost interest, too. ….And call me a traitor, but I’d be that dumb jock’s FB any time he wanted, LOL. He’s hot!

  37. I haven’t listened to this show yet all the way but working on it. I agree with what you had to say Tracy about Sylvia. I read one of her books before and while reading it I just wanted to read it more and more.

  38. I wanna see Tracy in a french maid outfit! LOL

  39. MLo says:

    Tracy, you’re a breathe of fresh air. I love your laugh, it’s contagious.

  40. i believe there were some kind of visitors that came to earth to build the pyramids.

  41. bodin says:

    ok, so I\’ve been catching up on the last 5 months\’ shows and what is the deal with that whistle that you\’ve got so fond of?! It\’s killing my ears!
    Well anyway, apparently Thailand isn\’t a place for cheap, crappy SRS; it\’s THE place for SRS!

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