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Ben has been my favorite guest on the show in a LLOONNGG time! He is SO funny. There were a couple quick little jokes... » More

On FOF #747 – Ukulele Dreamer

Absolute favorite line of the show: Fausto reading SAL-E’s question: “Who’s your biggest inspiration and influence?” Jeffree Star’s response: “…there is not any one person... » More

On FOF #743 – Shine on Jeffree Star

Great show! A very interesting topic. On interesting thing I heard mentioned is that the United Church of Christ is the most accepting of... » More

On FOF #734 – Reverend Straight

I loved this show! It was really funny to hear Marc get excited about Bobaloo’s “open” relationship. Marc was like, “Teach me sensei!!” » More

On FOF #731 – Bear it Up

Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Peaches, if you do a midnight mass in DC I will totally be there. I\’m in Southeastern VA... » More

On FOF #725 – Movies Every Gay Man Must See