FOF #731 – Bear it Up

Mar 30, 2008 · 1985 views

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Bobaloo aye! Bobaloo is NOT a Cuban spirit of illness and disease made famous in the song by Desi Arnaz, but rather a comedian and he’s on today’s show. Bobaloo joins us to share his […]


  1. What a delightful show.

    I had fun hearing Bobaloo’s thoughts and the “building of a comedic pedigree” as it were.

    Also, upon hearing he was in an open relationship made me think of sage advice my friend wrote into a blog about her friends in an open relationship: “Going into an open relationship is a lot like joining the marines; People who just sort end up there tend to do fine, but people who go into it with a great amount of zeal (“If I join the marines, it will make me a real man!” “If I go into an open relationship, I’ll get all the sex I want and still have the love/stability of a partner”) tend to destroy themselves and several people around them.

  2. Gary T says:

    Why no West Coast shows? 🙁

  3. Great interview. Not only is Bobaloo funny, he seems like a really nice guy, the kind that anyone would like and have a great time hanging out with. Feast of Fools raises the bar once again.

  4. Pete says:

    Bobaloo was a great guest. I’d love to see his act when it comes to Chicago again. His sense of humor, warmth, and rugged handsomeness reaffirms my attraction to bears. There’s nothing like the feeling of being overpowered by a set of hairy, burly arms or the sensation of facial hair over different parts of your body. HOT! Bear Weekend is coming soon to Chicago, same as IML, so I’ll be doing my bear huntin’ at the local Chinese boo-fays.

    When people in the Latino culture call each other fat, it’s more as a term of endearment or as a colloquialism. This is not to say that the term “bear” doesn’t exist. There’s a sizable “oso” community in Mexico and Spain…..also, I like Bobaloo’s take on open relationships. More people need to be upfront and realistic when it comes to monogamy. Though I understand epilonious’ convoluted analogy, I think that’s only true in extreme cases.

    Props to Fausto for informing me about Keith Richard’s brief and obscure career and a racist stand up comic….BTW, that was me and my friends waving wildly at you guys while you were in your car Saturday night on Halsted, outside Circuit. You looked scared. Sorry about that!

  5. Mateo says:

    my favorite part of this episode was the one liners you guys said. And the ending was hilarious! Another fabulous episode done right by Fausto and Marc! Great job!

  6. Pete, we knew that was you on Halsted and we did wave but I’ve been training Fausto not to be “holler back girl.” Gwen doesn’t think it’s lady like.

  7. Pete says:

    tru dat, marc…that shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

  8. xio says:

    this was a good one =D


    Great show guys.

    Fausto did you mean “Michael Richards.” when you were discussing the racist comix??

    I hope Bobaloo comes to back to Milwaukee, I would love to LOL at him!!

    Great Show as always!!

  10. Whoo! The new sit is up…

  11. Steve says:

    My aunt lived in the building where Jeffrey Dahmer lived. But she lived there years before he did.

  12. It’s fun to have a new way of posting comments, isn’t it?

  13. Teddy says:

    bobaloo cracked me up. love the new site guys

  14. I loved this show! It was really funny to hear Marc get excited about Bobaloo’s “open” relationship. Marc was like, “Teach me sensei!!”

  15. pokeymoan says:

    oh man… Bobaloo cracked me up! Great work guys!!!

    Oh… and the new site is amazing… It has that spaceship bridge command interface look… somewhat…

  16. Can we go up to warp 9?

  17. Fausto Fernos says:

    Oh by the way, you can post comments anonymously. Please don’t use hate speech, be corteous and civil. 🙂

  18. great show! 😀 he was really great and was very humorous. i’m sure he is an awesome comedian.

  19. Loved the show today. Urban Dictionary also lists another definition entry for Babaloo… “has the same meaning as calling someone “sugarplum” or “sweetie”. It’s a slang version of “babylove” that with a lazy tongue turned it into “babaloo”…” He was definitely a sweetie and a very funny guest.

    Love the 1970’s vintage music at the end. It reminded me of those ABC TV movie intros from the 70’s. (don’t know if embed’s work on the comments section, but here is a link to an example… )

    Love all the improvements to the site!!!

  20. Jonas says:

    The German New Year’s classic show on TV that Babaloo (?) mentioned is I believe originally a british short film (it is also a holiday classic here in Norway too) called “Dinner for One” (1963):

  21. Jonas says:

    Here’s the video

  22. Henry says:

    Great show! fun and refreshing as always.

  23. not often i listen to an episode more than once….this ep, i did THREE TIMES.

    Also, would like to correct the guest, the actor in Hot Fuzz….Mick Frost, Actor in Full Monty….Mark Addy. Sure they look alike, so bob can have two for the price of one. i know i would ‘L’

  24. Sorry, should have read through before i press ‘Submit’

  25. AZ1577 says:

    I lost a bar bet when I also mistook Mick Frost with Mark Addy. They could almost be brothers.

    Hey guys! Great show! But since I am starting to hear a lot more leather references in recent shows, why not have some leatherfolk on as guests?

  26. IML is around the corner so I’m hoping pupdon will stop by the studio while he’s in town. But we are always looking to book guests of the show.

  27. Jamie says:

    Great Show! I love Bobaloo!
    I saw Bears on the Run when they were in Cincinnati. They’re the greatest!

  28. tony says:

    I thought Babaloo was funny, great show. Hey Fausto…what did you keep calling him BabaRoo?? Did I miss something?

  29. It was my mistake Tony- his name is Bob-A-LOO. Sorry about that!

  30. Nidocamen says:

    TOTALLY hilarious show guys!! I loved that you played one of those 70s songs as your closing music. That piece is now in rotation for your ‘show opens’ and I think it really truly speaks and says “Feast of Fools” more than any other music you have used. So how did you find it? I’m guessing it isn’t subject to copyrights and such, right? I use royalty-free music libraries that I own for all the music on my podcast. anyways, again, great show and love the music!!

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