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2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk launches at Miami Beach Gay Pride

This weekend at Miami Beach Gay Pride, the 2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk begins, eventually spanning 20 Pride celebrations around the country.  The national photowalk will have the Pride organizations’ photographers use Lytro cameras […]

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FOF-Inspired QTalk Arizona Turns 100!

We brought our friends Marc and Fausto onto the “Joe and Babe Show” to talk about the past, present and future of podcasting.  

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Arizona Gay Teen Caleb Laieski Takes on Washington Over Bullying

Caleb Laieski has made headlines locally and nationally by working to pass anti-bullying legislation.  Caleb tells his story of the ‘spark’ that got him started on his journey that would change his life.  He started […]

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Filmmaker Interview: Two Spirits

Fred Martinez explained to his family that he didn’t want to have to choose between being a boy or a girl–that he wanted to be both. Fred self-identified as a gay male and commonly used […]

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QTalk Arizona: It Gets Better!

On this National Coming Out Day, myself and J Seth Anderson share our coming out stories to inspire and help youth struggling with their sexuality. And to those who aren’t out yet, we challenge you to […]

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Earth Day: Win a High-Tech LED Light!!

Happy Earth Day! Listen to NidoCAST (gay Phoenix podcast), answer a trivia question and WIN a hi-tech LED light bulb from!! I interview EarthLED’s ‘Chief LED’ Mark Constigliola and chat about the future of […]

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We interviewed Lydia Nibley, the filmmaker recently. It airs on PBS soon and is being presented this Saturday night at our Downtown Civic Space Park.... » More

On VIDEO: Two Spirits Trailer

System wouldn’t let me edit post correctly, so here is the link: or listen on iTunes » More

On QTalk Arizona: It Gets Better!

She is awesome!! Saw her about 2 years ago at the party for Echo Magazine here in Phoenix 🙂 » More

On FOF #1236 – Return of Coco Peru

I posted the link in the entry, but it doesn’t come up on the site. Listen to the podcast at » More

On Earth Day: Win a High-Tech LED Light!!

Totally awesome and funny show today 🙂 Thanks again for the mention of ‘The Gay Key’ lol. Will know shortly on you guys for... » More

On FOF #1103 – WTF, NY!