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We interviewed Lydia Nibley, the filmmaker recently. It airs on PBS soon and is being presented this Saturday night at our Downtown Civic Space Park.... » More

On VIDEO: Two Spirits Trailer

System wouldn’t let me edit post correctly, so here is the link: or listen on iTunes » More

On QTalk Arizona: It Gets Better!

She is awesome!! Saw her about 2 years ago at the party for Echo Magazine here in Phoenix πŸ™‚ » More

On FOF #1236 – Return of Coco Peru

I posted the link in the entry, but it doesn’t come up on the site. Listen to the podcast at » More

On Earth Day: Win a High-Tech LED Light!!

Totally awesome and funny show today πŸ™‚ Thanks again for the mention of ‘The Gay Key’ lol. Will know shortly on you guys for... » More

On FOF #1103 – WTF, NY!