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VIDEO: A Low Blow

Was it a set up for rating or a pretty spectacular dig?

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VIDEO: Quentin Crisp TV Movie Starring John Hurt 1975

For those who missed this thirty-five years ago, enjoy! It’s amazing. The  movie is split up into parts. Here is the first part.

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The videos are from Taiwan. I live here and I recognize the hosts of the variety show. I’ll see if I can find out more about... » More

On FOF #1331 – Burlesque Baby, Lady Gaga Must Pay

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Any guy that objectifies Tracy is losing out big time. I\’m sure if listened to her on FOF and got to know her a little, he... » More

On FOF #723 – Sing a Happy Song

Great show. Well thought out questions and a great interview. You guys hit gold every time. I’m definitely buying the book. Kudos to the Dr, as... » More

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