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FOF #1873 – Being Fat Saved My Life

In the past 30 years, obesity rates have skyrocketed in this country, with two-thirds of adults and one-third of children now being overweight. But it’s not all bad news– despite the health risks, a few people actually avoided serious harm because of their obesity.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at people whose lives were miraculously saved because they were fat.

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Susan Powter Tears Apart Fat Acceptance

Wow. Susan Powter is still very intense after all these years. Remember her “stop the insanity” fitness infomercials from the late 80s? Susan is back video blogging, and she’s taking no prisoners. Watch as she […]

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FOF #731 – Bear it Up

Bobaloo aye! Bobaloo is NOT a Cuban spirit of illness and disease made famous in the song by Desi Arnaz, but rather a comedian and he’s on today’s show. Bobaloo joins us to share his […]

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