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FOF #778 – Voluptous Diva

Diva! Diva! Diva! Kennidi Monroe just put out her very first single and it has a catchy riff. What is it? Voluptuous Diva. It’s the word “diva” over and over and over again. The song […]

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Flowers in the Attic

Check out this behind-the-scenes installment of trannytalk101 with Kennidi Monroe and Reina Valentino. Fausto coaches the girls backstage at a nightclub (Mary’s Attic) in Chicago. Also featuring Jessica Savano, Friday Foster and Regina Upright. Warning! […]

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FOF #758 – Kennidi is Sorry

Kennidi is sorry. And she apologizes too. Kennidi told us she’s really really sorry for picking on video blogger Chris Crocker in the show comments last week. Fessing up that she was doing it all […]

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FOF #737 – Chix and Waffles

It’s okay to eat chicken and waffles. Really. But some people think it’s gross, even though Oprah several years ago talked about how she just loved to put away a plate of grilled chicken and […]

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FOF #736 – Finding Your Inner Beauty

Kennidi just won’t eat her vegetables. Why not? Every trans-gal needs to get her green on. Most veggies have estrogenic properties, which ultimately help both men and women maintain a healthy balance inside and out. […]

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FOF #717 – A Stunning Woman

Brace yourself, you’re about to get a stunning! Calpernia Addams, the Peabody Prize winning writer, actress and activist, best known on the Feast of Fools for her single “Stunning” joins us today to talk about […]

FOF #716 – Sexy Secretive Ways

Victoria’s Secret executives made a public statement last Friday saying their image has become “too sexy for their own good.” The San Francisco based chain of women’s underwear, known for their erotic catalogs marketed towards […]

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FOF #706 – Love Stories of Joy and Horror

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. For some it’s a great time to celebrate passion and romance, but for many it’s a time to feel lonely and isolated from the world around them. You know […]

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