FOF #716 – Sexy Secretive Ways

Mar 3, 2008 · 1985 views

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Victoria’s Secret executives made a public statement last Friday saying their image has become “too sexy for their own good.” The San Francisco based chain of women’s underwear, known for their erotic catalogs marketed towards […]


  1. SAL-E says:

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssss, Finally!
    Great show!
    It was fun hanging out with the Girls the other night.
    To bad I had to work early in the Morning…….
    Love ya

  2. brian says:

    Victoria\’s Secret was started in San Francisco but is now part of Limited Brands, based in Columbus, Ohio.

  3. kennidi says:

    I had a great time doing the show with you guys! It was loads of fun, so thank you for having me! For Tracy and I\’s new adventure add us to your myspace page:

    Much Love,

  4. Pete says:

    what an above-average sexy show. definitely NSFW (is it ever?). kennidi, you remind me of a pre-rehab lindsay lohan, sans the analingus. represent H-town and the great state of Texas!

    i\’m hoping they\’ll have the iBear on the market for christmas. Woof!

    i\’m excited that the mugs are finally being shipped. i ordered mine a few weeks ago and thought it was some elaborate scam. i was about to file a complaint with the better business bureau (kidding).

  5. kennidi says:

    Pete, thats a fun way of looking at it! I just love having fun and being me! The show was a blast…glad u enjoyed cuz i did!

  6. Yet another GREAT podcast! Kennidi girl, you are a hoot! What I think I like best about you is that you tell it like it is. You make no secret as to who you are and what you do and that my dear is SOOO refreshing! Best of luck on your new venure with Tracy….and stop by Mary\’s Attic for a show, I would love to see you there anytime!

    Much respect, Richard (aka Regina UPright)

  7. Geostud says:

    What a fantastic show! Kennidi, you have a great energy about you, very vibrant and energetic. You and Tracy are turning this gay boy into a tranny chaser, LOL. I\’m glad everything turned out well in Chicago and glad to hear you\’re staying.

    Much love from the South, Geo

  8. Cliff Dix says:

    A true southern tranny will tell you anything if you ask her nicely. Kennidi is so nasty and I love it. Now I know what to do when I go to those sex parties/orgies. Stay away from butt-licking butt-ugly drag queens. Don\’t leave your clothes on the floor where someone may later be having sex on them. Always wrap it up. Drive yourself or bring money for a cab.
    Guys you have to have her back. I love the dirtier shows by the way.

  9. RcktMan says:

    Kennidi you know I love you gurl. 🙂 Let’s hit the Attic again this Wednesday? Show ’em how it’s done. Congrats on your first-timer on the FoF! It’s like candy-flavored crack, ain’t it?

    Now about that Daniel Radcliffe vid – I heard about it but hadn’t seen it yet. I thought the guy kissed him and Dan pushed away… but no… totally went for it.

    And it was a LONG kiss too! Geez! That big guy’s got some cojones.

  10. Pete says:

    it\’s funny how the commentary on the daniel radcliffe video fails to even acknowledge that awkward kiss. i guess two poofs snogging onstage is commonplace in the u.k. this shouldn\’t be too surprising either since they are honoring equus, one of the gayest plays ever….also, british men are so very sexy.

  11. There are a lot of jealous muggles out there who would have loved to have the opportunity to lock lips with the actor who plays the “boy who lived.”

    Kenndi and Tracy are always a blast to hang out with. I love it when we have someone like Kennidi who is so active on the site. We know she really wanted to come on the show, so we made her work for it!

    Work it girl. You know you love it. Work it!!!

  12. Rhea says:

    Kennidi is awesome. I\’ve always had a weakness for women with Southern drawls. 🙂

    As for the iCub, all I have to say is, after looking at that picture:

    Can\’t sleep. iCub will eat me… Can\’t sleep. iCub will eat me…

  13. kennidi says:

    THANK YOU ALL! I had a blast doing the show! I am just me…a southern diva! LOL!

    Much Love,
    Rick, I might go on Wed…or THurs. to Marys

  14. Tallguynb says:

    I really enjoyed this show too, Kennidi has a real sense of humor and a quick wit you cant help but enjoy!
    I wish she would of been able to tell us more about her life as a Trans girl and if she\’s overall at the place she wanted to be when she began the change. Guess you\’ll have to have her on again!

    Great work guys, keep it up!


    P.S. Cant wait for the steamworks show.. tape them puppies down Kennidi and sneak in LOL

  15. Kennidi I was sooo surprised that you got into a situation like that at that party because you\’re usually the type that makes men work for a peice of you LOL LOL LOL I can see why you freaked out like you did— I love you girl!!! Great show!!!

    Great show Fausto and Marc

    -Crystal …. oppps I mean Tracy

  16. Wil says:

    Fausto, i lovedthe Breakdown Extended Remix, Do it more often.

  17. DCRyan says:

    wait wait wait, so you are coming to Philly, that is the first time I\’ve been nearby a city you are coming to….I am so there. Please be forthcoming soon with the details. I don\’t think ima have a place to stay but I can stay up one night to see FOF in person…OMG I am so excited.

  18. We’re meeting people at
    Triumph Brewery
    117 Chestnut Street
    at 10PM on Saturday March 8

  19. DCRyan says:

    And its only a mile from where the chinatown bus drops off, yippie.

  20. [nObLe] says:

    Kennidi you were great. loved your stories. AB FAB!

  21. Kennidi you are awesome! You\’re a sexy sexy bitch, and i love you like that

  22. kennidi says:

    Aww ty Calvin…. I love being a bitch! LOL! The only way u can make it through life is accepting who you are! I have found that accepting me being a bitch is a lot more fun! LOL! ANd of course being sexy doesnt hurt. Use what u got to get by!

    As for Guy\’s comment…I sure would love to come back on and have more conversations about my transition, and when the boys are ready i\’ll be back!

    Miss Tracy….my bestest friend, I know we may play this rival duo to be honest she is the best thing to happen to me! I like the think were more like Lavern and Shirley! But we play Alexis and Crystal well and you guys love it! SO we will keep it up for all u guys!

    Fausto I want that version of Kennidi\’s Break down! LOL!

    SO EVERYONE VISIT MY YOU TUBE PAGE: videos go up daily see my video blogs! Find out who was out with me that night! Or read my column \”A Girl\’s Life\” at

    Much Love,

  23. Great show.. Kennidi was a blast!! 🙂 Mark thanks for sharing the video of Daniels Long Kiss!! Fausto: that was great rendidtion of the Breakdown song!! LOL 😉 It was the extended version.

    see you soon!

  24. kennidi says:

    aww ty purplepuddlenut!

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