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THANK YOU RyanK for your unfaultering support. It is nice to know I have ONE friend out there that supports the art of Female Impersonation!... » More

On FOF #846 – Chris Crocker Has His Mind in the Gutter

I will NEVER be on Feast of Fools again…. as I said in my podcast I was surprised to hear the actual opinions of others... » More

On FOF #848 – Teri Yaki Becomes Amanda

OH MY…. Marc is looking like SERIOUS hardcore trade with that goatee…….!!!!! » More

On Gigi Deluxe interviews Fausto and Marc

wasn’t there a joke that started, “There once were two fags in a canoe……” lol…. ox, R- » More

On Rowing on Presque Isle

DIVA is right honey! Love who you are and what you are! It took me years of therapy to get to that... » More

On FOF #778 – Voluptous Diva