FOF #848 – Teri Yaki Becomes Amanda

Sep 25, 2008 · 1985 views

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Kids, say hello to your new mommy! Teri Yaki’s been working hard to transform herself into Amanda Steinstein, for our very special What Not to Wear/Feast of Fools viewing party at Hydrate in Chicago on […]


  1. Monique Marquette says:

    I liked the podcast up until the part about drag wars. I can’t believe that you or Teri Yaki would really believe that people like Regina or myself don’t get booked because we need to “step it up.” We both have performed all over the midwest, we’ve both competed on a national level, we’ve both been praised for our ability to entertain. It has nothing to do with stepping it up. It has to do with the fact that our tits go home with us in a suitcase rather than on our chest.

    To me, this podcast, whether you meant to or not, says that you believe tittie queens are a better fit for the stage. I want to see the tittle queens “step it up” and do more than just stand around in pasties and panties.

    Look at the track record…..Hydrate, Roscoes (Guest spots), The Baton, Kit Kat, The Office…..all trannies. You MAY get a boy queen every once in a blue moon, but its not the norm. So yes, Regina has every right to complain, as do I. We’ve always brought our A-game when we’ve been on stage. I refuse to “step it up” by getting a pair of double D’s!

  2. hak says:

    input your comment here… buck did clay n lindsey yesterday on

  3. hak says:

    input your comment here…
    what the buck is brilliant yay to the gay day

  4. Dan says:

    Today’s show was awesome I was laughing so hard I got some looks on the train! PS Teri Yaki rock on for the weed story, I had a simillar incident once and didn’t even think of cancer. Brilliant!

  5. Jamie says:

    Cedar Point brings back memories. I remember going with my family every year. Of course it sounds like Teri had more fun than I ever did.

  6. That show was so FUN boys! I was wonderfully entertained and I must of looked a fool laughing my ass off while getting ready for work.

    Teri Yaki is some kind of funny. I love her. More Teri Yaki, please!

  7. tom says:

    I love you guys. Your podcast really makes me happy, and makes my day go faster. Todays show was really really funny. Kevin really needs to hit the road, funny queen. Keep up the great job, and remember have your congress person spade or nudered to stop the stuped population.

  8. I will NEVER be on Feast of Fools again…. as I said in my podcast I was surprised to hear the actual opinions of others that “supposedly” support me after my last appearance… I will take my nontalented, bitter, complaining, hateful ass and move on….

    Find someone else to stir the pot boys, it will NO LONGER be me….

  9. Michael says:

    I love Cedar Point!

    Abortion – my favorite movie line is from Girls will be Girls “Evie, have you ever had an abortion?” “I’ve had more babies pulled out of me than a burning orphanage.”

    I thought I saw a sign at your studio that said “Don’t feed the Drag Queens!”

  10. Xavi says:

    you guys did it again…but instead of BART i was on the stairmaster at the gym in my building. Twice i broke out in laughter! luckily there were only two other people in there.

  11. Rick says:

    Great show guys. I watched Clay Aiken on GMA today and he was somewhat uncomfortable but very courageous. His son is adorable. I wish them both well and I think Clay will make a great dad.

  12. @Michael:

    Coco: You were supposed to pick me up at the hospital!
    Evie: Yeah, but I had a lot of sleepin’ to do.

    Coco: Do you want some help with your duffle?
    Varla: *looks around* I… I left my bags in the cabriolet!
    Coco: Oh, I’m sorry *turns and starts walking away from the door* That’s just your ass…

  13. matt says: Gongs are AFFORDABLE!

    We need to bring back the love! Drag wars only divide the guests, and deprive the listeners of the wisdom of the ladies.

  14. Monique and Regina, I don’t think Teri, Fausto or I meant to hurt you or insult you by our comments. Regina, I’ve seen you perform and you are flawless and I definitely think you have correctly analyzed much about the drag scene in Chicago.

    If you want to succeed in what you want to do, you have to look at the positive and believe in yourself and not think of the drag scene as an impenetrable wall.

    Do like Joan Crawford and tear down that bitch of a bearing wall and put a drag queen where it out to be.

  15. The negativity I personally was talking about was not about you so much, but someone else (not a drag queen nor a trannie) I had in mind.

    I think all of you deserve all the respect and love and admiration you can get, you all work extremely hard and put yourself out there in ways many of us can’t even begin to imagine.

    But I know what the costs are focusing on negativity can do to your career, since I’ve been guilty of doing the same thing as a drag queen in Chicago.

    So think pink! Because from the comments on this website alone, many people do like you. They really, really like you.

  16. dave73 says:

    This was one of the most difficult episodes to comprehend. You all jumped around between topics that it made it difficult to follow the episode. It’s fine to jump from topic to topic, as long as the original topic that you talked about is finished.

    The topic of feeders is one I can tell you all from experience. My own mother is a feeder. She is her own worst enemy when it comes to that and other stuff, but only focussing on the feeder part. She has always focussed on food, that she is her own feeder. She has refused to make overall changes in herself, that she loves to fuck everyone else up too. Since she doesn’t want to lose weight, she wants to make everyone else fat too. While I’ve always been a big guy, I’ve never been as big of a guy that I am now. But at least the job I have keeps me from getting any bigger. For those who hate me; Yes I’m fat, and I’m willing to admit that. But I’ve seen worse than myself, AND I DON’T SIT ON MY FAT ASS ALL DAY EITHER!

    As for the drag wars; I wish that wasn’t brought up in this podcast. That was a past discussion, and it should have remained in the past. As Matt mentioned, it’s only dividing the community even more than it should be. Regina if you’re reading this; You handled yourself a lot better in the update show, and not out to be bringing up names again, and creating a stir. Compared to this episode, yours was more consistent at keeping on topic. This epside was a hassle to follow along.

  17. Stephen Riegel says:

    Wow, that was funny, I just read Regina’s post……BITTER PARTY of (at least a dozen, with all those personalities fighting another)

    So when i loss….lets say my ‘hammer’ all i have to do is make sure its put in the ‘good’ Tuperwear, not the Glad shit.

    Teri is a great addition to The Feast of Fools, Rock On,

  18. valhum says:

    Teri, hilarious personality, loved him. I loved the “cancer” story, that made me LOL here at work, lol.

  19. Mateo says:

    Teri Yaki was very funny. I’m glad she’s back on the show. Her Amanda drag was spot on! I loved it when she called MArc and Fausto ‘tards!

  20. PureeTofu says:

    Wahoo!!! Flash Drives!

    The imitation of Amanda is scary, VERY VERY close.

    I hope that Teri Yaki makes a trip down to the Bible Belt, I might take a drive to see you in person!

    OMG Teri, if you are on the shitter for fourty minutes, you need SEVERE dose of FIBER.
    How to tell you’ve got enough fiber, your shit floats…. scary but true!

  21. PureeTofu says:

    Ha ha ha, okay, just got to the Clay Aiken part….

    To re-enact the first time my roommate saw Clay on American Idol:

    Nikki: He’s gay.
    Mom: You think everybody’s gay.
    Nikki: No really he’s got to be gay.
    Dad: Oh yeah, prove it.
    Nikki: Look at his friends.
    Dad: Yeah, three hot girls, what’s the problem with that?
    Mom: You’re right he’s gay.
    Dad: WTF?
    Nikki: No dorky singer guy has hot friends like that and isn’t gay.

  22. Cliff Dix says:

    Teri Yaki needs more Velveeta Cheese in her diet. That will reduce her time in the “shitter”.

    Teri talking about drugs reminded me of a warning on one of my prescriptions: WARNING: May cause mask-like expression and painful prolonged erections! Imagine stumbling into the E.R. saying, “help me” with a hardon and a creepy mask-like face.

    By the way, I looked up What Not To Wear for October 10th and it says the episode’s “victim” is Sunny. So is Amanda really Sunny, Sunny Steinstein?

  23. Amanda says one of the directors says it is in fact scheduled for Oct 10th

  24. ibox2000 says:

    Teri just vaulted into my “Top 3 Favourite Guests”. I hope s/he becomes a semi-regular to tell more stories.

    Fun show, fellas. Keep it up.

  25. Saulo says:

    Hey, guys! Teri Yaki is always hilarious and has the best tales to tell. (The “cancer” story was very funny…) I´m really sorry Í´m not in Chicago to attend the party… 🙁
    But I´ll try to find out when the episode is gonna be broadcasted here in Brazil.


    PS: Quaterturns all around!!!

  26. RyanK says:

    Don’t miss out on Teri Yaki’s bathroom bj’s!

  27. Teri yaki was hilarious. Some drag queens are just better than others. Please more hot, delicious Teriyaki !

  28. mJay says:

    Hey guys ,
    I love the show so much. It truly gets me throught the day. Living in the south can be hell. And working with a conservative man can be like kissing a pittbull wearing lipstick. Thanks for making the shows so much fun and informative. I have been behind on my podcast and I loved the show where you guys and Tracy Tylor recorded during a road trip to ” Suck and Fuck”. Keep up the great work !

  29. DantheMan says:

    I appreciate you guys bringing up all these complicated issues, and I don’t think it divides anyone. It brings forward a honest discussion and frankly, I think you guys are coming from a place of love and support.

    What was said that was so awful about them anyways? It’s not that their shows are bad, but that their negativity hurts them in the long run.

    I like the crazy shows as much as the serious ones too.

  30. hahaha Teri Yaki is so entertaining xD…..

  31. Ashe says:

    The Tupperware-and-the-cop story was hysterical! You go!
    Very funny show, guys.

  32. Monique Marquette says:

    I just LOVE how two faced fags are! Its all fun and games and haha funny when someone like Teri Yaki publically talks about pot and and that she does it, but then someone like myself gets chastized for their past drug use. I’m attacked, I’m called a crackhead, I’m looked down upon because of it, and she is applauded. And the argument that marijuana and meth are two different things will not stand because no matter how you slice it, they’re both illegal!

    It just amazes me how hypocritcal you all are! Sad…..just sad!

  33. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED says:

    Wouldn’t two faced mean not talking about these things on a podcast? Breathe. Expand. Open your heart.

  34. Dean says:

    This is the best of Vicky, has she no shame

  35. Oh My God! Teri Yaki looks just like Amanda! The story about the great pot theft had me cracking up in traffic, I am sure the other drivers thought I was nuts. Keep up the good work guys!

  36. Brad says:

    I would love to read a book by Teri Yaki. I would recommend reading Josh Kilmer if you are going to write about drag queens like, “I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS”, written well but I always wanted more about the story or even some pictures to help set the frame work of story. He’s a photographer and just some shots of NY would have added a lot.

  37. Lee says:

    Oh my god! I thought the pod cast was funny enough. . . That is until I saw the video of the wig being chopped up. Teri is a dream. I wish I could be there to see it all in person.

    Furthermore, I want to send my love to Regina. I hope you don’t take anything discussed on the podcast too seriously. I think these guys do love you, even if they sounded catty. Who among us hasn’t said something insensitive. I usually reserve it for someones tired ass outfit, but you know how it is.

  38. Craig says:

    Fausto and Marc, it did seem that you were being critical of Regina, even though you probably weren’t, saying those things just after she was on did seem a little mean.

    I really enjoyed Teri Yaki though, and it would be awesome to have her on the show more often.

    Also where is Sal-E?

    Oh, and I fucking LOVE Little Britain.

  39. Teri Yaki is tasty. But the drag wars can be tiresome. Unless a wig gets ruined or a high heel goes into somebody’s back. Then that’s drama with sitting through.

  40. Funny we were talking last night about drag queen cage fights- for real.

    Two Queens Enter, One Queen Leave!
    Two Queens Enter, One Queen Leave!
    Two Queens Enter, One Queen Leave!
    Two Queens Enter, One Queen Leave!
    Two Queens Enter, One Queen Leave!

  41. Monique Marquette says:

    Theres only one reason there is a drag war….or one reason that the war continues….I should say two…and their names are Mark and Fausto

  42. You are not your act. If your act, blog, video, podcast, play, movie, show isn’t getting the reaction you want, maybe it’s the audience, maybe it’s the work itself.

    Change the venue or change the work. Try something new.

    I have a deep appreciation for all the crazy, bubbly, colorful drag queens and trannies in this world, and consider myself one of them.

    I understand how frustrating it can be to work your butt off and feel like you’re not getting anywhere and feel like you have no support from your friends, peers and family. I’ve been there.

    Focus on the people who support you and the aspects of your act that get you the response you like.

    I would also encourage all performers (drag, trannies, musicians, writers) to put up at least a youtube video and see how that works for you. When you feel tied to any city, bar, or place is when you lose your autonomy.

    Look how wonderful YouTube has been for people like Chris Crocker, B. Scott and Michael Buckley. These guys all work hard and have gotten a lot of success from their efforts. Who knows, you might be the next big hit!

    The best revenge is moving on and doing your thing.

  43. BrettC says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love it when Teri Yaki is on the show. Pot stories and all! He’s hilarious.

    I’m not understanding the whole “drag wars” thing. I mean I’ve heard what has transpired via the Podcast, but it still doesn’t make tons of sense to me. I’m an actor here in Houston in professional and community theatre, and I had to learn real fast how to have a thick skin.

    As Tim Gunn would say… “Carry on!”

  44. Michael says:

    Nicely put Fausto…and yes, we should just “Carry on!”

  45. Well I really wished that all the drag/trans performers in town could meet and discuss these topics face to face, not just because it would be interesting to watch/hear, but because we need to clear the air.

    I’m sad to say that Regina’s called it quits and is selling her wigs, clothes and make-up. I sent her an email apologizing and hoping she would reconsider, but maybe this may be a good thing for her and take her life in a fresh new direction.

    Heavens knows there are plenty of poorly received videos on Youtube, does that mean you should quit? No! I’ve also put out my fair share of stinkers but I’ve also worked my butt off like many of the queens in Chicago and seen my efforts be rewarded, and also been incredibly frustrated.

    But in the end you have to ask yourself why are you doing this? What attracts us to media/showbusiness/performing is that we feel a sense of completion when we connect with an audience of any kind.

    The dark side is that we sometimes forget the uniqueness of what we do and the passion we bring forward.

  46. Maybe we should rethink the motto of this year: Stop the hate in 2008!
    I also regret (at least little bit) my comment on show 846, but I really was kinda drunk.

    But then the name and motto of this podcast is “Feast of FOOLS – Gay FUN show”. So people should not take everything too serious. Choosing a term like “drag war” to describe the sometimes bitchy behaviour of drag queens towards each other is already so exaggerated that it can only meant to be a joke.

    Also if people put themselves out there they should have a thick skin because there will be always people who criticize you or make fun about you.

  47. Stop the whine in 2009? – there is a reason why this podcast is listed in “Comedy” and not “news.”

  48. Kieran says:

    Loved the Teri Yaki maryjane story. That has gone around the whole world by now.

  49. lets stop the hate and spread the love. the word is going to hell in a pair of JS by Jessica Mendale Suede Slingback Platform heals. and a Fendi handbag. The FOF podcast it a fun show, not a drama, comady. Please lets just all get a long and have a good time. I Love the two of you and I think you two are doing a great job. you make me smile all day long with all your crazyness. No one should quit what they like doing just because some fun talk show made fun of them, the should go out there and show the jokers that they are man or woman enough to be who they want to be. We would be in big trouble if the David Latterman quit just because jay lino said something mean or funny about him. Lets love one another, blow each other (a big kiss) and bend over and take it like men. Love you guys.

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