FOF #847 – Clay Aiken is Gay!

Sep 24, 2008 · 1985 views

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Clay Aiken gay? You bet! And that’s okay. The red-headed pop singer, best known as the second runner up in the second season of the TV singing competition American Idol came out of the closet […]


  1. Fergal Breen says:

    Hah!… Clay Aiken… lol… Quarter turns for y’all…

  2. And in other news…

    The sun is hot!

    Water is wet!

    Fausto and Marc are awesome!

  3. Gary T says:

    And Amanda is FABULOUS!!!!!

  4. Wow, you guys work quick :D. You got John Paulus for the next show the day after the news!

    Johnny Dangerous sounds like a lot of fun. It’s interesting hearing his tale of going up to people and hearing them be like “oh, I hate him, he is so vuuuuulgaaar” and not wanting to change himself anyways.

  5. valhum says:

    Ok i have not listened to the show yet BUT that is one long sexy tongue Dangerous, i wouldn’t mind trying it……./end of sluttiness

  6. Michael says:

    Queen Latifah came out last year – good for her.

    And yeah, Johnny D is HOT!!! Very disappointed that he has a boyfriend : -(

    The Gay Monica Lewinsky – too funny!!!

  7. valhum says:

    Nice show, i really enjoyed it. Johnny sounds like a very nice person :oD Also John Paulus, such a nice guy with no bitterness at all, loves it….btw i tried to do a John Paulus search on google and i got pics of Pope John Paul II haha.

  8. Monique Marquette says:

    I had to take a day off of work when I heard that Clay Aiken was gay! My world was shattered! I was crushed! I mean I always dreamt that he was gay, but NEVER in a million years did I think he was! Are you going to tell me that the easter bunny isn’t real now too?

  9. Michael- Queen Latifah came out, but many people don’t know about it. Even Johnny Dangerous (who was on the show) AND others were “what? I dont BELIEVE it.”

    Part of what may be happening here is that we ourselves as gay folks find it hard to accept one of our own as being succesful in any field. So when someone like Queen Latifah comes out, we’re incredulous.

    I bet there is a lot of relief in Clay’s head. I hope he’s chilling with some Broadway cutie right now or his new family.

  10. Mike says:

    “Mary, Did you know?” recorded by Clay as been purchased. Awaiting further commands.

  11. I bought it too Mike! Some DJ needs to make a Mary Didja Know Remix.

  12. Curtis says:

    I don’t think the ignorance about Queen Latifah has much to do with our inability to accept a successful person as queer. It’s more about a complete lack of media coverage. I would say we doubt it because we assume there would be a media fire storm over someone of her prominence coming out and when there’s no “People” magazine cover, we doubt it when we hear about it on a podcast (no offense guys). I certainly always assumed she was a dyke, but this was the first I had heard that she had publicly confirmed it. I wonder if the lack of media coverage has more to do with media burnout on coming out stories.

  13. Ashe says:

    OK, I admit, this one had me laughing aloud on a crowded subway a couple of times. THE NEW BLACK? The New Black’s not dirty, the New Black’s Johnny Dangerous! What an excellent F-O-F-er.

  14. Antz says:


  15. corey says:

    Is he going to sell tickets to take a Quarter Turn ride to make more money?

  16. This is the first I’ve heard about Queen Latifah. I’ve always thought she was pretty diva, but now I know she’s a SUPER DIVA!

  17. corey says:

    Maybe it’s time to bring back the Quarter Turns T-Shirt!

  18. shane says:

    I haven’t listened to the show, yet, but I refuse to respect Clay just because he’s come out now. He was the only person I ever voted for on stupid American Idol because he was so Broadway, and Simon would always pick on him because of it. And then he goes on professing that he’s not gay, and sicks his idiotic claymates on anyone that says otherwise… and now I’m supposed to respect him? Puh-lease!

  19. Here’s a link about Queen Latifah coming out (in 2007). It’s funny how people will argue about the news.

  20. YAY another Tiger Scorpion with a birthday the day after mine. What a hottie too!

  21. stephen says:

    Johnny Dangerous turns me on 🙂 lol.

  22. Curtis says:

    I must admit I’m still confused about the Queen Latifah thing, and it’s not about reluctance and denial., the link you provide is not exactly the mainstream press and there is not even any attribution or pretense that the story is fact checked. It says only that they claim she is planning to come out, not that she has. The only proof offered is that “we can tell you that we are 100% sure”, no quote, not press conference statements, jus the assurance of the blogger.

    Web searches reveal no reliable verified mainstream press reports of Queen Latifah’s being publicly out of the closet. There are no statements or quotes from her or her publicist saying that she is a lesbian or planning a wedding to her alleged partner (who I’m sure is indeed her partner – just not publicly so), In fact htttp:// has her making specific denials about the very story referenced in your previously provided link.

    I don’t think anyone doubts that Queen Latifah is a lesbian – as I’ve said I’ve always assumed it, but there is a huge difference between that and her having made a public statement on the issue. There is no evidence that I can find that she has. The web is filled with misinformation, and the piece has nothing but rumor and innuendo. I hope and wish that Latifah would come out publicly, but it remains by all verifiable accounts to merely a hope and wish at this point.

  23. PureeTofu says:

    Okay, just my links / notes:

    — Legends Nightclub —
    Okay, I worked here for two years, everybody that has ever been will tell you of our oldest and most favorite bartender Possum. Possum has worked at Legends since it opened fifteen years ago, and will GLADLY tell the story about throwing Clay out of the urinals.

    Unknown to me, I didn’t realize who John was but if anybody wants to hit him up OR see some NICE photos of him, check out his profile on ManSlut.

  24. You guys were right all along! 🙂

  25. I forgot, Johnny Dangerous was great, I love your show, because it introduces people and artist that are interesting to the gay community.

    Woof 🙂

  26. michael says:

    omg i feel so used and lied to. i thought clay was a good christian boy and we were going to get married and have lots of babies. i dont know what to do with my life now and i feel sick. hopefully he will go through one of those 12 step programs and find jesus.


    Also, yes, Johnny Dangerous was great on the show. I had vaguely heard of him before but now I know his music is fun and he is very cute. 🙂

  27. BrettC says:

    The only thing is now he comes out when he has little to risk. His CDs aren’t selling as well, he kind of went out of the media eye, and his big gig lately was Broadway. Not that there is anything wrong with “The Great White Way”, but theatre is on a different level than where he has been. I hate it when stars “come out” after everything about them is starting to quiet down and they are not as popular. It’s brave, but braver still would be to come out while you were on AMERICAN IDOL or when your music was #1. I applaud him for coming out, but he did it only after his career needed a boost. Hmmm!

    But these people are their images, and it’s sad but true that coming out hurts you more than it helps. Latifah has not made a big deal out of her sexuality, but a lucrative CoverGirl contract could be threatened if she publicly weds her long time “personal assistant”. People knew about her way back when she starred in LIVING OUT LOUD with Holly Hunter (who rumor has it is also a major lesbian). But she has yet to confirm anything in a major media outlet, and you won’t see that as long as she sells cosmetics and pizza.

  28. WHAT???????????????????? Clay???????????????? — and all this time I thought he was straight?????????? wow you never know these days………..hummmmmmm — well there goes his chance at People’s sexy men issue.

  29. Curtis says:

    Finally finished listening to the episode. I Love Johnny Dangerous! And I despise hip-hop, but he has totally won me over. I wish you had , and will in the future, play his full songs (I would much rather hear that than another repeat of Gaye Adegbalola (she’s fine and all, but a bit snoozy and serious). He’s got energy, life, humor, heat, passion, it stirs my loins, makes me laugh, and forces me to move. The world needs more unapologetic faggots! The perfect foil to a discussion about closet case celebrities. He is awesome. Also he was a fantastic guest. I hope you have him on again!

    I hope that someone holds Clive Davis, Fox, and the other entertainment industry “powers” that put pressure on celebrities like Clay to remain in the closet. At the end of the day they are the most culpable for the continuation of these closets. They exploit the insecurities that someone like Aiken might have, and provide them with nothing but disincentives for coming out.

  30. Glad you liked him. We hardly ever play the whole song of an artist. We a give sample. If you like his stuff, I encourage you to buy through our iTunes link.

  31. *rolls eyes in quarter turns* Well, going by that cover, coming out hasn’t made him any prettier. The book Open Secret by David Ehrenstein gives an interesting explanation how people who are obviously gay can not be pulled out of the closet. Buy it through the Amazon link on this site. 😉

  32. Jonas says:

    I wanted to buy J D’s music too, but iTunes makes it so hard to back the music up (I’m nuts about backing up these days.) Buying them as mp3’s seems to be somewhat impossible though…?

  33. Jonas says:

    Just kidding, I found it. 😀

  34. Megan says:

    good for clay aiken 🙂

  35. Thanks for all your support, betches! I had a great time with Marc and Fausto and would love to shoot the s#@* with them again! Check me out on I-Tunes or if you want an actual CD, you can purchase her at Borderline Music or Reckless Records here in Chicago!


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