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FOF #1699 – Twinkies Are Forever

The reports of the Twinkie’s death are greatly exaggerated.

Today, we look at the cultural impact of America’s second favorite thing to shove down their throats, Twinkies, the moist delicious snack cake with a long shelf life, and why it’s probably a good thing that Americans aren’t eating as much junk food as they used to.

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FOF #1632 – Lindsay Lohan’s Ridiculous Life

Inspired by the powerful interview Lindsay Lohan did for Vanity Fair, writer and drag queen D’arcy Drollinger created Project Lohan, a story of Lindsay’s life as told using only quotes from media sources. Join us as we chat with D’arcy about the ridiculous life of Lindsay Lohan.

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PHOTO: Lindsay Lohan’s Rotten Teeth, Messed up Hands

Everyone’s talking about Lindsay Lohan’s disturbingly yellow smile taken at a video game release party a couple of days ago, but has anyone noticed how cut up and messed up her hands looked?

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FOF #1243 – Supervillian Ken Mehlman: “Yep, I’m Gay”

Hold the phone Dora! Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican party during the aggressively anti-gay Bush years, has unexpectedly come out of the closet, saying “It’s taken me 43 years to get comfortable with this part of my life.” What do we make of this Johnny-come-lately to the gay rights agenda?

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FOF #848 – Teri Yaki Becomes Amanda

Kids, say hello to your new mommy! Teri Yaki’s been working hard to transform herself into Amanda Steinstein, for our very special What Not to Wear/Feast of Fools viewing party at Hydrate in Chicago on […]

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FOF #795 – What Lies Beneath

In many non-western countries, especially places in the so-called “Muslim World” you see men holding hands, expressing affection for each other and even going as far as giving each other flowers. What’s up with that? […]

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