FOF #2440 – Drugs and Hugs

Jan 25, 2017 · 16939 views
Fox E. Kim - photo: Joe Lewis.

Fox E. Kim – photo: Joe Lewis.

The last time we had cosplay drag queen Fox E. Kim on the podcast we had such a fun time talking about drugs, we had to have her back on to talk more on the subject – from flakka to crocodile to carfentanil. What are they, why would you take them and how can they kill you?

The Oscars nominations are in and while they aren’t as white as last year, they are still pretty white overall, but at least one gay themed movie made it into the best picture category.


Cuddling is the popular new drug with young folks.

Young people in Britain are doing more drugs than ever

Is Brexit doomed? Britain’s’ Supreme Court rules the UK parliament must vote before leaving the European Union.

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