FOF #2315 – How to Blow Them Away

Mar 28, 2016 · 1985 views

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Erotic blogger Clark Rogers has quite a hit on his hands and in his mouth! His video “how to perform fellatio” where he shows you in graphic detail how to go down on a plastic dong.

Today, we’re taking a look at BLOW JOBS! Oooh! Listen as we weigh in on women’s magazine’s advice on how to be a virtuoso on the flesh pipe, How well does it stack up against Clark Rogers’ tips and tricks.


  1. Alberto says:

    I hate it when someone spits on my dick. I even hate spitting into someone else’s hole when there’s no lube around. I think I’m a spitphobic or something.

  2. I was trying to run and listen to this… but it’s impossible to run and laugh at the same time…

    thanks for this Fabulous episode

  3. i don’t criticize HRC for being pro corporation (what’s wrong with that? if we were all so anti-corporation shouldn’t we quit our jobs, move to the country and grow our own food and make our own clothes?). i criticize HRC for being ineffective. years and years of a presence in DC (lobbying is very expensive) and what do they have to show for those millions in donations? very little.

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