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FOF #2712 – Amanda Cohen is Nobody’s Mom

Long time listeners of Feast of Fun will remember Amanda Cohen as the squeaky voiced Amanda Steinstein who commented on all of the strange news. She is also hailed as the 3rd most challenging transformation on the reality TV show What Not to Wear.

Today Amanda Cohen joins us to talk about the history of women in stand up comedy.

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FOF #2315 – How to Blow Them Away

Erotic blogger Clark Rogers has quite a hit on his hands and in his mouth! His video “how to perform fellatio” where he shows you in graphic detail how to go down on a plastic dong.

Today, we’re taking a look at BLOW JOBS! Oooh! Listen as we weigh in on women’s magazine’s advice on how to be a virtuoso on the flesh pipe, How well does it stack up against Clark Rogers’ tips and tricks.

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FOF #1829 – Black and Blue and Funny All Over

Comedian Jamie Campbell got beaten up on the street after a late night gig, leaving one side of his face heavily bruised. Instead of taking time off to let the bruises heal, Jamie did stand up about his terrifying experience.

Today Jamie Campbell joins us to talk about doing historic musicals in Texas, driving a munitions truck in the army and taking his bruises and turning them into comedy gold.

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FOF #1396 – Lez Get Real

The lavender curtain has been lifted on two very popular blogs for the ladies who love the labia revealing that they are actually written by men.

Blogger Tom MacMaster came forward as the man behind the blog Gay Girl in Damascus after he faked the kidnapping of his online persona, Amina Arraf, a young muslim girl living in Syria. And the supposedly deaf lesbian editor of the blog Lez Get Real actually turned out to be Bill Graber, a straight man living in Ohio. Why do straight men want to be lesbians online?

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VIDEO: Hugh Jackman will Die for Oprah

Ouch! At a taping in Australia at the Sydney Opera house, Aussie hunk Hugh Jackman pulled a stunt by making a heroic zip-line entrance to the stage, but instead crashed into the lights in what […]

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Asian Business Men and Hugh Jackman Dance For Their Tea

Is it just me, or is Hugh Jackman the gayest straight man around?  Let’s face it, even one of his most notable characters, Wolverine from the X-Men movie franchise, is one leather harness and chaps […]

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PHOTO: Even Wolverine Can be Fabulous!

Okay, I know this is just taken from Hugh Jackman’s appearance from the Broadway production of “The Boy from Oz” but I rather think of it as a very gay, alternate universe X-Men where Wolverine […]

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FOF #936 – Oscarcast 2009

At 81 years of age, are the Oscars getting old and tired or becoming young and vigorous like Benjamin Button? One thing’s for sure, the Oscars are still the Superbowl for the Gays! Today we’re […]

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