VIDEO: Random Starbucks Interview: Open Relationships

Jan 27, 2012 · 1985 views

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Random interviews are the best!  Check out my blog at Ryan’s Gay Chicago! Comment and follow! Also looking for contributors.


  1. BASboy says:

    Well my partner and I have an open relationship… though perhaps because we met as Pillow Buds and it just never closed as we grew closer to each other. The best rule I heard for an open relationship is to communication and ground rules. So once in awhile (not for a very long time for us) if one or the other is feeling insecure / jelous… talk about it. If need be terminate that particular person that is making your loved one insecure or jelous… then do it. Our ground rules are pretty simple… don’t sleep over at that persons place, condoms if you fuck, new people that you are traveling out to, leave an address and phone number and basic time you think you will be back. We have freaked a few guys out who come over (and supposedly are in open relationships) and answer the door for the other guys hook-up and tell them to go have fun as they run down to the bedroom. But between different sex drives, times for sex, and different kinks and interests, our rythms’ don’t always match. We still get it on with each other, we sometimes share (sometimes we find out we have both been doing the same guy for awhile without knowing it) and sometimes we share stories. We are secure and happy and not hiding stuff from each other which makes for a stronger relationship and we know sex and love are very different things.

  2. Ryan says:

    Wow, that’s a beautiful, thoughtful response. I must admit tonight I’m jealous that Steven is seeing a guy I always wanted to see. I think it’s more because I’m just overtired from work, though. I’m really happy that he’s getting out there.

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