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Robert Hegyes, Played Epstein on ‘Welcome Back Kotter,’ Dead at 60

I had a mad crush on this guy back then.

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Andrew Embiricos, Grandson of Screen Star Rita Hayworth, Found Dead in His Chelsea Apartment

The 25-year-old grandson of silver-screen icon Rita Hayworth was found dead in his Chelsea apartment with a plastic bag over his head, an apparent suicide, sources told the Daily News. Andrew Ali Aga Khan Embiricos’ […]

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The Walking Dead

If you love horror then this series is for you. Season 2 just started on AMC and Season 1 is available on Netflix. Very well done and perfect for Halloween.

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British Version of Skins Has Mitch Hewer

The American version of Skins has been in the news lately, but the British version is far better. Plus, the British version has the gay character Maxxie played by Mitch Hewer. You can stream the […]

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Is Droid the IPhone Killer?

Apple’s iPhone has dominated the smart-phone market the past couple of years, tearing down would be “iPhone killers” almost on a monthly basis. This could soon change with the new Droid. Coupled with Google’s open-source […]

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Gay FM

Germany’s hottest Gay Dance Music Radio Station. Now available on iPhone and iPod Touch! Also available on the Droid with the A Online Player App. Listen to the latest dance hits and exclusive remixes from […]

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