FOFA #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

Feb 25, 2019 · 2222 views

Chicago Drag Queen Lady Vera Parker gets arrested. photo: Ryan Kolodziej – photo montage: Fausto Fernós

One of the most talked about epiosdes of our podcasts was this outrageous moment where Chicago drag queen Teri Yaki talked about the scandalous life of drag queen Lady Vera Parker. Here’s an encore presentation, enjoy!

Drag queen Lady Vera Parker moved to Chicago with the hopes of making it big as an entertainer. Last week, her dreams were dashed when she was pulled over in U-Haul truck she allegedly stole in Kentucky. When the police pulled up her record they found a laundry list of check fraud and deception warrants. She’s now being held in Cook County Prison awaiting trial.

Teri Yaki in BlueWhat happened? On today’s show we’re talking to Kevin Pipkins, best known as Chicago drag queen Teri Yaki.

Kevin’s worked with the now infamous Lady Vera Parker and is here to explain in detail, what, to the best of his knowledge, happened and what the future holds for this John Waters villain come to life.

Her Biggest Crime? Lady Vera Parker wore silver heels on a "jungle" themed gay parade float in ChicagoAdding to her growing list of atrocities, Lady Vera Parker was also spotted on a “jungle” themed gay pride parade float wearing silver pumps. What kind of self-respecting drag queen would be caught wearing those?

If you think we’re being too hard on her, remember the crimes she’s being accused of and the people she allegedly robbed.

Thanks to Ryan Kolodziej for the wonderful photos of Lady Vera Parker.

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