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FOFA #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

There’s a new development coming shortly about Lady Vera Parker, now known as the Seatbelt Psychic, so to get you caught up with her story, check out this classic podcast form 2009.

Drag queen Lady Vera Parker moved to Chicago with the hopes of making it big as an entertainer. Her dreams were dashed when she was pulled over in U-Haul truck she allegedly stole in Kentucky. When the police pulled up her record they found a laundry list of check fraud and deception warrants.

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FOF #2311 – Lady Bunny Feels the Bern

It wouldn’t be Easter without a podcast with our favorite bunny – Lady Bunny! Or as we call her, Lady Bernie, because she’s “feeling the Bern,” and we’re not talking about that rash between her legs.

Listen as Lady Bunny joins us to rant about the presidential primaries, and why corporate news obsesses over Donald Trump while ignoring the issues.

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FOF #2275A – Peaches Christ, the Oscars & Diversity

Like all awards ceremonies that celebrate the rich and powerful, The Academy Awards has a huge diversity problem with not a single black actor getting a nomination.

Today we’re joined by the brilliant Peaches Christ, drag queen and film connoisseur to talk about the films nominated for the Oscars, and why the critically acclaimed film Tangerine about two trans sex workers of color got completely ignored.

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FOF #2275B- Peaches Christ, the Oscars & Diversity

In part two of our podcast – “Peaches Christ, the Oscars & Diversity” we continue talking about about our favorite movies, Why the TV shows Fargo and Transparent are so captivating, Sarah Palin using her Trump endorsement to draw attention away from her son’s domestic abuse charges, and Peaches’ thoughts on the film The Danish Girl.

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FOF #1901 – Your Body is an All You Can Eat Buffet

When you look closely at the advice some sex columnists dish out, you’re left wondering: “have they ever had sex?” There’s a lot of one-size fits all solutions out there, when let’s face it, not everything fits in you-know-where.

Today we take a look at advice sex columnists like to give out, the good stuff and the bad stuff that could land you in the hospital or turn your groin into a combination platter of circus, roller coaster and all you can eat buffet.

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PHOTOS: Sarah Palin’s Trashy New Look

Sarah Palin was spotted shopping at a Kmart in Los Angeles on Sunday. My guess is she called the paparazzi, hoping to promote her new fitness book and only one person came. So she and […]

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FOF #1658 – 75 Ridiculous Sex Acts Your Grandmother Wants You to Try

We’ve been told that our podcast is a lot like Cosmopolitan magazine, if it was written by bunch of drunk guys. But if you followed most of their sex advice, you’d put your partner in the hospital. What are these gals drinking? The hilarious Jeffrey Jay joins us to take a look at some of Cosmopolitan magazine’s most outrageous sex advice, which sounded like good ideas, until somebody got hurt.

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FOF #1469 – Randall’s Animals: The Definitive Honey Badger Interview

Everyone loves Randall’s “The Crazy Nasty Ass Honey Badger” video, where he chronicles the daily life of the Honey Badger as as it goes about its day devouring beehives and cobras. Today we talk with Randall himself over the phone from his home on the west coast about his love of animals and why he chooses to be so mysterious.

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Empty Seats Are the Audience for the Sarah Palin Documentary Premiere

Apparently, there was no one to see the Sarah Palin Documentary, “Undefeated: Cause I Just Quit First Instead.” “Shortly before the end of the film, a young couple entered, walked to the back row, started […]

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FOF #1412 – Clash of the Mermaids

Whip out your tar-tar sauce! A fishy feud is steaming up between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Shortly after Gaga teased fans with her new mermaid alter ego Yuyi, Katy Perry posted a photo of herself planking as a mermaid saying “this is how Ariel would do it.”

It’s not the first time the two pop stars have clashed and we are sure it won’t be the last, but who wins this fishy round?

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