FOF #2275A – Peaches Christ, the Oscars & Diversity

Jan 21, 2016 · 1985 views

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Like all awards ceremonies that celebrate the rich and powerful, The Academy Awards has a huge diversity problem with not a single black actor getting a nomination.

Today we’re joined by the brilliant Peaches Christ, drag queen and film connoisseur to talk about the films nominated for the Oscars, and why the critically acclaimed film Tangerine about two trans sex workers of color got completely ignored.


  1. Nathan says:

    Peaches was robbed. Peaches + Krampus = A-MA-ZING

    I thought The Danish Girl was powerful, and Alicia Vikander gave an extraordinary performance. She has earned best supporting actress. We’ll see if she wins it.

  2. Curtis says:

    I’m with Nathan, I found “The Danish Girl” to be a rich sensitive and powerful way of telling a Trans story without any sensationalism, liberal earnestness (the thing I was most worried about) or preachiness. Redmaynes performance was deep and authentic, I particularly loved the scene where he watched the prostitute to learn the gestures of femininity. I don’t think that making a big deal about it being a “first” would have been truly authentic to the period or the region. That seems to me like a very media driven PR American culture take and wouldn’t have worked in the context of how private (even the Doctor was hiding it from many of his colleagues) it was.

  3. Curtis says:

    I also loved “The Revenant”, it is in fact my favorite movie of the year. Riveting, exciting, propulsive, at time poetic and lyrical and gorgeously filmed, with what IMO is genuinely Leonardo DeCaprio’s career best performance, and great work from every person in the film. I think it blows director Inarritu’s award winning work in Birdman out of the water. It’s a towering achievement IMO. It’s hard for me to even understand, even knowing how snarky you guys are, that you came to such snatchy jokey conclusions about both “The Revenant” and “The Danish Girl”

    I’ve seen all the nominees for Best Picture, and all but “45 Years” in the acting categories.

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