FOF #2588 – It’s Never Too Late to RuPaulogize

Mar 6, 2018 · 2514 views

“This shit don’t sparkle for free!” Vivian Dejour: Photos: Jay Bly, Erica Nix.

Drag pageants have had a long history of discriminating against people who don’t fit their idea of what drag can be. Sometimes you have to just break from that system, like Crystal LaBeija did when she created the fantastic NYC ball scene after being treated poorly at the drag contest featured in the documentary The Queen.

And sometimes you have to start a revolution until the powers that be make that change you want to see.

Rupaul recently came under fire for saying that they weren’t interested in casting trans women on Rupaul’s Drag Race, and boy did the internet let her have it!

Today, the newly crowned Miss Gay Illinois of US of A 2018 Vivienne Dejour joins us to look at pageants, the queens that enter them and how to keep them all one big happy family.


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