FOF #2589 – Divine, America’s First Drag Superstar

Mar 8, 2018 · 2407 views

Mink Stole joins Peaches Christ in Chicago on April 18 at Hamburger Mary’s for her show “Idol Worship.” Photo: José A Guzmán Colón.

In the film Female Trouble the drag queen Divine screamed “Who wants to die for art?”

Nowadays the answer would be “We all do! But first let’s take a selfie.”

Love in an elevator: Marc Felion, Peaches Christ and Fausto Fernós at the Austin International Drag Festival.

By breaking all the rules, Divine ushered in the concept of the modern drag queen built on rebellion. Drag used to focus on female impersonation but Divine took it in a whole new direction that’s still being celebrated.

Sadly, 30 years ago today, Glenn Harris Milstead aka Divine passed away just as he was about film her breakthrough television role on Married with Children.

Today Peaches Christ, joins us to take a look at the life and legacy of America’s first drag superstar- Divine. And why drag queens who came of age at the time of RuPaul and Lady Bunny were more interested in being rebels than passing as beautiful women.


Peaches Christ talks about her sister BenDeLaChrist’s controversial move on Drag Race All-Stars 3.

Peaches’ upcoming show in Chicago with her gal pal Mink Stole “Idol Worship” coming to Hamburger Mary’s in Chicago in April, don’t miss it!

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