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FOF #2589 – Divine, America’s First Drag Superstar

By breaking all the rules, Divine ushered in the era of the modern drag queen built on rebellion. Drag used to focus on female impersonation but Divine took it in a whole new direction that’s still being celebrated.

Today Peaches Christ, joins us to take a look at the life and legacy of America’s first drag superstar- Divine. Why are drag queens who came of age at the time of RuPaul and Lady Bunny were more interested in being rebels than passing as beautiful women?

FOF #2322 – A Brief Herstory of Drag Queen Music

Long before drag queens became drag superstars, many gender non conforming artists worked the Chitlin Circuit, a nickname given to venues where black and often queer artists could freely and safely perform in a racially segregated America.

Today we’re going back, back, back to the roots of drag queen musical acts from the Chitlin Circuit all the way to RuPaul and beyond with DJ Marc Moose Moder.

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FOF #2281A – Worst Houseguests Ever

We meet a lot of wonderful people in the home studio while taping this podcast, but sometimes guests go from being a dream to a nightmare.

Today we’re talking about the WORST houseguests ever! People who got too drunk, raunchy and wild on the show, and assholes who were just too damn rude.

Joining us is the very fabulous Cody Melcher, podcaster to the literary stars, who, like us, often has strangers in his home.

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FOF #2281B – Worst Houseguests Ever

In part two of “Worst Houseguests Ever” with Cody Melcher we continue our discussion on terrible houseguests who can’t seem to find the toilet.

Plus, will Madonna allow her weave to get snatched in the new version of Valley of the Dolls?

And Kiki, the new Paris is Burning is taking Sundance by storm.

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FOF #2231 – Happy National Coming Out Day Y’all

Nothing has driven forward LGBT equality like everyday people simply telling their story, revealing their true selves on daytime talk shows, at dinner tables, or through video blogs and status updates but especially one on one.

Today, we celebrate National Coming Out Day by taking a look at entertainers and media personalities who came out in the past year, and creative ways people have come out over the years.

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FOF #2186 – The Woman with 1000 Jobs

Dolores Deluce spent several lifetimes living and working with the sassiest of queens, from San Francisco’s Cockettes to the legendary drag queen Divine. And just like her unique friendships, the jobs she’s taken to support herself as an artist have been just as wild and colorful.

Listen as Dolores shares with us her very moving and hilarious true life stories of all the truly wacky jobs she’s had on her roller coaster ride in Hollywood.

FOF #1875 – Confessions of a Counter Culture Diva

In the 1960s, Dolores Deluce was rejected by her family for giving birth to a biracial child, only to be embraced by a different kind of family including Divine, the Cockettes, assorted Venice Beach bad boys, and her many loving gay “husbands.”

Listen as Dolores talks about her friendships and run-ins with Divine, John Water’s colorful cast of characters and watching friends of hers like disco superstar Sylvester die from AIDS.

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VIDEO: Divine Was Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor

Divine, one of the greatest drag queens ever, was so inspired by Liz Taylor’s acting you can almost hear Liz delivering Divine’s outrageous lines in John Water’s film “Pink Flamingoes.” Now, imagine Divine delivering Liz’s […]

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VIDEO: How to See Pink Flamingos

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. I recently attended a midnight screening of Pink Flamingos (1972), the cult ultra-dark comedy about a murderous female impersonator […]

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