FOF #2311 – Lady Bunny Feels the Bern

Mar 23, 2016 · 1985 views

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It wouldn’t be Easter without a podcast with our favorite bunny – Lady Bunny! Or as we call her, Lady Bernie, because she’s “feeling the Bern,” and we’re not talking about that rash between her legs.

Listen as Lady Bunny joins us to rant about the presidential primaries, and why corporate news obsesses over Donald Trump while ignoring the issues.


  1. TheOneDoc says:

    So I take it you don’t have Dax on the show … 🙁

    • She’s always welcome! Of course we’d love to have Dax on the podcast. But the vibe I got from her was she’s not too happy about her experience and is right now trying to sort things out. But I could totally be wrong about it.

  2. The fastest 1:24 EVER! Great show. I was a bit saddened to learn that Bunny didn’t become political until 2001 (ah, youth, wasted on the young…).

    she definitely is making up for it. I was impressed by the well thought out positions on every topic that was discussed. It also reminded how right wing i am compared to your typical listener. I respected, but disagreed, with almost every position.

    Irregardless (yes, i know its not a word) of who ends up on the ballot I will vote for the democrat for one reason and one reason alone: the Supreme Court.

    One thing we can all agree on, the percentage of eligible voters who vote is depressingly low. Even in super liberal super activist San Francisco the last election barely hit 50%. Yavo Tay (the civics minded get out the vote drag queen) has her work cut out for her! (Yavo is engaged, to Ivo Ted!!)

    Bunny, please come back often to discuss politics!

    speaking of politics, i’m going to out myself as a listener since almost day one. What happened to Mike rogers. I used to love your shows with him!


  3. Great show! Always nice to listen to Lady Bunny’s insightful political analysis! She’s so passionate! Interesting to learn she credits her political commitment to her progressive parents.

  4. Bunny has of feel the Bern… they are the same age… and maybe the same person…

    Now for real… Bunny is a clever person and very smart when it comes around politics… i didn’t knew the she turned her face to politics after 9-11

  5. ty says:

    well next time try to dont cut ur guest speech all the time fausto

    • Are you kidding? This is probably your first time listening to a podcast.

      She’s a guest on our podcast. I have to interrupt her because she’s so passionate about what she’s talking about, but we also need to keep the conversation moving along.

      Podcasts are conversations, back and forth. We usually ask questions, she answers them. That’s how this works.

      Bunny is one of a kind. She’s very passionate about her politics. There were moments where she talked for 3 minutes without stopping. (it’s at the 19:30 time mark)

      We gave her an HOUR and a HALF of time. Nobody in media does that. You got to listen to her for free, without any commercial interruption. And this is your comment, to not interrupt her?

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