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FOF #2311 – Lady Bunny Feels the Bern

It wouldn’t be Easter without a podcast with our favorite bunny – Lady Bunny! Or as we call her, Lady Bernie, because she’s “feeling the Bern,” and we’re not talking about that rash between her legs.

Listen as Lady Bunny joins us to rant about the presidential primaries, and why corporate news obsesses over Donald Trump while ignoring the issues.

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FOF #2165 – The Prancing Vixen

On the final elimination episode, RuPaul stunned audiences as she sent a certain queen home. Many are crying that it was unfair but maybe Mama Ru just didn’t like they way the eliminated queen condoned herself.

Joining us today is Chicago’s fierce dancing queen The Vixen, who calls herself the “sexiest clown in boystown” to chat about the controversial episode and HRC’s dog and pony show.

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FOF #2024 – What Big Cities Can Learn From Small Town Pride

Pride parades in big cities are out of control! After decades of being a rallying point for LGBT folks, the parades now attract huge mobs that are more interested in having a good time than building community or equality. Thankfully in small towns across the country this is not the case.

Our guest today is former college football player Eric Lueshen who in the wake of pro football star Michael Sam coming out, decided to come forward with his own story.

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VIDEO: Mo’nique Stands Up for Marriage Equality

Comedian Mo’nique comes out in support of mariage Equality for a new campaign Americans for Marriage Equality.

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FOF #1314 – Call Me Anytime

HRC came under fire last month with activists when they set up an HRC branded gift shop in Harvey Milk’s Camera Shop. Now, they want to join the youth bandwagon by partnering with The Trevor Project to run a youth call center from the shop.

Is this HRC trying to play nice or is it looking to tap the cash cow of teen suicide? And a call center in one the most expensive neighborhoods in the country- couldn’t they do it someplace cheaper like in India?

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VIDEO: Mo’Nique to LGBT Folks: Thank You for Accepting Me

It’s always so much fun to watch Mo’Nique perform. Watch as she presents the visibilty award to Precious Director Lee Daniels for the 14th Annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner. Here we get to see […]

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A Target Team Member’s Open Letter To Target, its CEO, & Those Protesting on Saturday.

To those mentioned above and all others affected by this situation, Thank you for taking the time to read this. Earlier today, I received word that local LBGT groups plan to protest at the newly […]

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Does the HRC Speak for You?

Yesterday on my blog and facebook, I posed the question “What has the HRC done for you lately?” I got a veritable cornucopia of responses. You see, apparently the Human Rights Campaign has taken to […]

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DADT Repeal to Take Its First Steps This Week

This Thursday could prove to be the day that is the beginning of the end of the US military’s discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy under which thousands of able-bodied military personnel have been discharged […]

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How do YOU think HRC will react to GetEQUAL crashing on their couch?

I am flying out to Washington DC this Monday to help out with Veterans Lobby Day (no, not a vet, but I do believe in lobbying Congress) which is being put on by–among other sponsors–the […]

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