FOF #2305 – Hillary Clinton’s AIDS Crisis

Mar 14, 2016 · 1985 views

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The Reagan presidency is considered a colossal failure by people familiar with the crisis because the Reagans never dealt with the plague until hundreds of thousands of people had already died.

Why did Hillary Clinton think it would be a good idea to credit the worst President and First Lady when it came to AIDS? Today we take a look at Hillary Clinton’s “misspeak” and gay folks’ reaction to it.


  1. TheOneDoc says:

    The Sharon Needles @ Lifeball story never gets old…

  2. Dwight Schrute says:

    I have to admit I can’t stand Hillary although if she is the nominee I will hold my nose and pull the lever for her. Still this piling on for the comments is a little over the top.

    I highly doubt she actually wrote the words she delivered at the funeral for Nancy Reagan nor did she write the words of apology. All of that was likely the work of speechwriters. What she is more likely guilty of is sloppy staff work and not having the comments properly vetted before she made them.

    If she had made these comments as part of an interview or a debate I’d hold her feet to the fire a little more a attributing the comments directly to her. In this case I don’t blame her for the words she said as much as I blame her for being in charge of a campaign that did not properly vet the comments she delivered.

  3. Dwight Schrute says:

    By the way the complaint about everyone attacking her was a general comment about the flack and not directed at Feast of Fun. I loved the episode.

  4. The most plausible explanation for Hillary’s gaffe, which I saw on reddit, was that Nancy Reagan’s peeps gave her talking points beforehand. Nancy planned every detail of her own funeral and probably wanted to recast her and her husband’s legacy on HIV/AIDS.

    It really is inexcusable, though. It’s not a mispeak. It is common knowledge that the Reagans were awful on AIDS. She wouldn’t saw something like that without having some kind of political motive (or it was some personal favor to the Reagans or something). I still can’t stand how Human Rights Campaign can continue to stand with her over Bernie.

    That said, duh – she would be a capable president infinitely better than any Republican. I think we forgot how vitriolic the 2008 primary was between Obama and Hillary, much more than now. I am confident the left will coalesce around either Bernie or Hillary.

    • Agreed, but Hillary (if she’s serious about winning the Presidency) need to tell the DNC, the Democratic elite and her supporters to stop telling Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race. Let people vote, the the Primaries happen.

      If she wants to get Bernie Sanders’ supporters behind her for the Presidential election, she need to be 100% awesome and cool with Sanders’ very energized, mobilized base.

      Its this kind of bullying she does that makes me doubt she is an effective leader and capable of winning any election.

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