FOF #2367 – Donald Trump’s Most Outrageous Fans

Aug 3, 2016 · 1985 views

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According to some political experts, this year’s U.S. Presidential race will be a close one, and If the election was held today, Donald Trump would win. Now Trump is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre and arrogant people to ever to run for the top office, so it’s no wonder that his fans are just as colorful and demented as he is.

Today, we’re taking a look at Donald Trump’s most outrageous supporters, people who say they love the idea of Trump as President even though they’d probably suffer tremendously under the rule of his tiny iron fist.


  1. Diamond is the one who loves to talk, and Silk is the one who loves to drink Blue Alizé.


  2. Legin says:

    You said that Charlie Sheen was supporting Trump but I haven’t been able to find the evidence. In fact, my searches have turned up just the opposite, statements by him condemning Trump. See, for example, this report of Sheen on the Graham Norton show:

    “Asked if he believed Trump would be elected president, Sheen – who admitted last year that he had been diagnosed HIV positive – said he trusted the American voters. “I have faith that good and decent people will make the right choice and the circus will leave town before it contaminates the Oval Office,” he said.”


    • Yeah Charlie Sheen is very volatile in his thoughts LOL. My guess is he runs hot and cold with most people, including Trump.

      Here’s where he’s at currently:
      Over the course of a month, Charlie Sheen went from expressing his dismay for Donald Trump, tweeting on July 18, 2015: “‘Trump you’re a sad & silly homunculus your words as poignant as a sack of cat farts You’re a shame pile of idiocy,” to supprting him. On Aug. 27, 2015, he switched gears and tweeted, “…If Trump will hv me I’d be his VP in a heartbeat! #TrumpSheen16.”

  3. Nick says:

    Here’s a great video of Hillary tearing it up:

    8:21 was particularly heartwarming

    and a funny parody article:

  4. Nathan says:

    Now, that we have two candidates from the two parties in our two-party system that are both broadly disliked by their base, that thumb their noses at their base, and we all agree we have no choice but to vote for Hillary to save America for democracy, can we please start the conversation about doing away with the two-party system and open up American democracy to viable third parties so we aren’t in this position again next time?

    It’s sirens in mythology, not mermaids, that lure sailors to their deaths.

    • Doing away with a two party system means changing the way we vote in primaries.

      Currently it’s a winner-takes-all system where people inside the party can pick the candidates. This leads to conservative and middle of the road candidates being elected, and discourages people who disagree from cooperation. It’s a mathematical inevitability:

      Presidential elections are a terrible place to start changing the system. Unfortunately it’s the type of election that gets the most attention, while small ones on the local level get ignored.

      Also imagine that your city council does away with closed primaries and first past the post voting (winner takes all) and starts a independent, representational government. You would’t get any goodies, favors or attention on a Federal level from whatever party is in power.

      It turns your locality into a rouge district where independent thought needs to be cut off.

      It’s a tricky situation.

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