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FOF #2818 – Like a Candle in the Wind

It always stinks of a publicity stunt whenever Gwyneth Paltrow releases one of her bougie new products and her recent “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle smells exactly the same. The candles sold out, thanks to Elton John who probably snatched some to burn during performances of his iconic song “Candle in the Wind” just for the jokes alone.

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to figure out if Gwyneth Paltrow’s scented candles could be considered a fossil fuel.

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FOF #2572 – My Father’s Double Life

Most people’s coming out story usually ends with their friends and families either embracing them or rejecting them due to their own prejudices.

For actor Tina Alexis Allen, she was forced out of the closet by her father when he came out to her as also being gay. But that wasn’t his only secret- she soon suspected him of working undercover as a secret agent for the Vatican.

Listen as Tina Alexis Allen talks about her incredible story and why she still doesn’t fully know everything about her father’s double life.

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FOF #2305 – Hillary Clinton’s AIDS Crisis

The Reagan presidency is considered a colossal failure by people familiar with the crisis because the Reagans never dealt with the plague until hundreds of thousands of people had already died.

Why did Hillary Clinton think it would be a good idea to credit the worst President and First Lady when it came to AIDS? Today we take a look at Hillary Clinton’s “misspeak” and gay folks’ reaction to it.

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FOF #2228 – Save Cooking with Drag Queens

It’s been a delicious year for Cooking with Drag Queens, our fabulous new web series where you get to know your favorite queens better and get introduced to some fabulous new gals.

Joining us is the splendiferous Joan Waters as we give you a sneak peek at all the delicious she-nanigans we have planned for Season 2 of Cooking with Drag Queens.

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FOF #1926 – How to Marry a Rich Man

People usually think that folks who are obsessed with the income of the guys they date are tacky, dismissing them as gold-diggers. But one of the most common reasons couples break up is because of financial hardship.

Mo’ money brings mo’ problems, but being broke ain’t one of them.

Joining us today, is the Human Ken Doll– Justin Jedlica, who despite his humble origins, personally financed all his plastic surgery and recently married a very wealthy man.

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VIDEO: Lady Bunny Roasts the New Pope

Just in time for Easter, Lady Bunny serves up her twisted humor, Vatican style as she roasts the new Pope Francis I. Can I get an amen up in here?

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FOF #1740 – Ex Gay Camp

Comedian Rob Anderson wrote Straight Camp- a musical about a teenage musical theater fanatic who gets sent to a gay-to-straight camp. To get a handle on his subject matter, Rob contacted ex-gay ministries pretending he was unsure about being gay.

That’s when the barrage of emails started and his phone would not stop ringing. What he found out will blow your mind. Not surprisingly, a lot of the guys who run these cults are big ol flaming queens.

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