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FOF #2516 – Right In Front of My Salad?

Ever since folks started posting content on the Internet, there have been people pretending to be someone they are not- con artists, catfishers and even digital blackface has made the Internet a terrible place.

Don’t worry, no one is coming for your NeNe Leakes GIFs quite yet but on today’s show comedian Colette Gregory joins us to take a look at racism and comedy on the Internet.

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FOF #2311 – Lady Bunny Feels the Bern

It wouldn’t be Easter without a podcast with our favorite bunny – Lady Bunny! Or as we call her, Lady Bernie, because she’s “feeling the Bern,” and we’re not talking about that rash between her legs.

Listen as Lady Bunny joins us to rant about the presidential primaries, and why corporate news obsesses over Donald Trump while ignoring the issues.

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FOF #2306 – Sick of Being Madonna

Today, we’re joined by the hilarious Nadya Ginsburg, who, like the real Madonna, is sick of being Madonna. Okay, maybe sick is a bit harsh, but Nadya thinks Madonna may be feeling a little creatively and personally limited by the expectations of her diehard fans, and so she’s feeling the need to clown around to get her groove back.

Listen as Nadya talks about how artists overcome their creative humps by looking at Madonna.

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FOF #2115 – Valentine’s Day

We’re not sure why, but our neighborhood of Andersonville in Chicago has more drag queens per capita than any other neighborhood in the Midwest.

One lovely queen is our neighbor, Valentine’s Addams, whose photo where she’s dressed up as Donkey Kong in drag is making us gag.

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FOF #2069 – Will the Real Rene Zellweger Please Stand Up

Although she’s well known for transforming her appearance for movie roles, actress Renee Zellweger has got tongues wagging after appearing at an awards ceremony looking like she’s had a buttload of plastic surgery.

We had her DNA tested and confirmed she’s not an impostor. Unfortunately, we could only afford one of those dog DNA tests. Turns out she’s part terrier.

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FOF #1993 – You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Our guest today has seen it all. Sammy moved from Indianapolis to Chicago in 1972 to be in a more gay affirming community, so he could get his gay on! Sammy has lived through the desegregation of public schools, the death of disco, the AIDS crisis and the rise of the modern gay rights movement.

Surprisingly Sammy has managed to keep his sense of humor and joy for life.

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FOF #1690 – Obama Nails It

Obama wins in a landslide! We like to think it it was our Rainbow Obama Unicorn t-shirts that nailed it for the President.

Listen as the awesome Brian Sweeney joins us to take at look at the election results which are thankfully finally over. Plus- Lady Gaga throws Adele under bus and an airport in the UK is using Tina Turner’s music to scare off birds.

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VIDEO: Obama’s Big Bird Ad

You didn’t think Obama was going to let the attack on Big Bird go unchallenged did you?

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FOF #1671 – The Worst Halloween Movies Ever

The ghoulish gal from San Francisco, Peaches Christ, joins us to look at the worst Halloween themed films ever made, Paul Lynde’s Halloween TV special and classic films that feature Halloween as a theme.

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Manila Luzon wearing the Rainbow Obama T-Shirt

The fabulousManila Luzon wearing the Obama Rainbow T-Shirt! There are only a few left in many sizes, so don’t wait! Order yours now:

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