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BONUS: Interview with the Hideously Beautiful Christeene

Christeene is exploding across the South in a hot mix of raw sexual shamlessness and original rap music. Today we’re continuing our shows from Austin, Texas with the man behind the mad woman, musician Paul Soileau.

Plus: A prankster overtakes WallMart’s intercom, Indonesia’s soil snack food, and Prinny the little cat from Australia that learned how to swim.

FOFA #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

There’s a new development coming shortly about Lady Vera Parker, now known as the Seatbelt Psychic, so to get you caught up with her story, check out this classic podcast form 2009.

Drag queen Lady Vera Parker moved to Chicago with the hopes of making it big as an entertainer. Her dreams were dashed when she was pulled over in U-Haul truck she allegedly stole in Kentucky. When the police pulled up her record they found a laundry list of check fraud and deception warrants.

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Classic Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles always looks spooky and flawless, here’s photo I took of her back in February when she was first cast on RuPaul’s Drag Race. We all knew instantly she would win the show. If […]

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IMAGE: Fausto Fernós in Drag on the Cover of Nightspots, 2002

All I could think of when this photo was taken was “I want my picture taken with the biggest guy in the room.” Here I am on the cover of Nightspots, posing at a gay […]

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VIDEO: Drag Queen Makes it onto America’s Got Talent After Three Tries

A drag queen makes it onto America’s Got Talent after his third time. He’s surprisingly hot out of drag.

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VIDEO: Castle for a King, Drag Queen or Sadist

Is this castle in Oak Brook ready for a drag queen makeover?

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Drag Queen Impersonates Police and Pulls People Over

Police in Baltimore are on the lookout for a drag queen that is impersonating police and pulling cars over. The drag queen is described as wearing a red wig, an oversized police hat and poofy […]

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FOFA #1165 – Don’t Cry for Pandora Boxx

People are outraged that one of their favorite drag queens, the hilarious Pandora Boxx was booted from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Listen as Michael Steck, the man who is Pandora Boxx, takes us under the hood of this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race and shares with us his wild ride on the reality tv show.

Will she hug the hateful judge Santino Rice at the reunion show or will she read him and refuse his affection like Shannel did last year? Plus, questions from you!

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FOF #1300 – The Power of Being a Bitch

Comedian drag queen Jackie Beat, best known for her outrageous songs, has in recent years, received a lot of attention for her online videos which parody reality television, celebrities and the dangers of high fructose corn syrup.

Listen as we chat with Jackie about the power of being a bitch, her gastric bypass surgery and how come all the no talent drag queens get all the bookings.

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