1. Curtis says:

    ewww is this any way to kick of a new year? She may not be sorry but I am that she infested the airwaves with her banal brand of drag. A dour sour puss with a drag act you could find in any bar in America she offers nothing special. Once was enough for this episode.

  2. Curtis says:

    so yes I feeling a bit negative when I posted that. But still she’s pretty awful

  3. Marc thought it would be interesting to hear this again, just to give people a context of what’s in store in the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  4. [nObLe] says:

    I think another contestant whose been on the show would have been a bit funnier and a lot more exciting like Ongina or Bebe

  5. I must have missed this one the first time around. I’m kinda glad I did miss it. Girlfriend is a flat-liner. To quote Randy Jackson “I’m not feeling ya dawg”, but I’m feeling for Marc and Fausto- they were having to work so hard to get anything from Tyra. But she won Ru’s Drag Race and is a controversial contestant so it was worth listening to..

  6. Um, did someone forget to tell her the name of the show? It is called “Feast of FUN.” There was no fun to be had with this Debbie Downer. She held the hosts hostage in terms of not allowing the hosts to ask any intelligent question without a one word answer of sound. When someone doesn’t want to be there, it makes the show less fun to listen to. Fausto and Marc nevertheless elevated the fun and spirit of the event, but not without tremendous effort . Note to Tyra: there is a huge difference between acting artistically aloof and simply rude.

  7. seawall says:

    Being a relatively new listener, I just mined the archives by my ownself when I found the recently recycled ep’s wanting. Even if they’re not new to others, there are many really enjoyable ones with great chemistry, especially (in my opinion, your mileage may vary, etc) with guests like Cameron Esposito, Larry La Fountain, Teri Yaki, Ronnie Kroell, Tracy Tyler, Deven Green, Michael Lehet… “And Many More!” 😉

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