1. I hate to agree, but Torin93 in the twitter comments was right. Not that my episode was that much better, but man, you had your work cut out for you!

    • Rock says:

      This really wasn’t the greatest interview! There were moments that I really could not understand what she said! You would think that winning such a title would have a much better impression would be given by her! Strange!

  2. I gotta agree with others. Marc and Fausto, you guys were as witty and funyy as usual, but my, was that rather tedious.

  3. Wolfman says:

    What a Bitch! That was definitely WORK!

  4. Poor F&M. That was a tough one for you two! I think Tyra needs to work on his speaking personality. I see why he’s accused of being a bitch so much. I don’t think he was a bitch, but he does not have a very likable personality. Hhe’s very monotoned, with almost no inflection in his voice….. at all. Working in his diction might also help.

  5. barbieboy07 says:

    This interview was like pulling teeth! Marc and Fausto you guys are the greatest. I love how creative and interesting his answers were… Tyra Sanchez is BORRING, I would love to see her with a bit more personality. She is a pretty girl and she is a good dancer, but shit so is Rebecca Glasscock (season 1).

  6. I can’t help but feel kinda bad for Marc and Fausto the whole show. I feel like you guys keep trying and trying to make Tyra talk and be fun and comfortable but she seems so unfriendly. His voice is dry monotone and he was like irritated and trying to get the interview over with.
    Love you guys

  7. DanB says:

    This was the most uncomfortable interview I’ve ever heard you guys work through. Ms. Sanchez really needs to stay away from media if she’s not going to play the publicity game.

  8. dc_gay_man says:

    Happy Father’s Day, James! I like that you have a path in your life. It will be great to meet you.

  9. Chickengirl says:

    man this interview was almost as uncomfortable and hard to get through as the Tay Zonday interview!!

    I didn’t watch the show, so I don’t know if that is just the way she talks but she just sounded so bored and uninterested half of the time with that monotone voice of hers…I wouldn’t really say she was being rude, but I think she needs to work on her interviewing skills :/

  10. patrick says:

    that was just the most painful thing ever! can’t imagine how marc and fausto must’ve felt during the interview! m&f were totally bending over backwards to engage tyra and still… ZzzZzzZzzzzz…

  11. SamanthaLauzon says:

    Jesus she sounds bout as much fun in this interview as she was on the show! Someone forced her to do the show? Give me a break! She’s just sooo horribly boring ugh I wouldn’t watch her perform a show even if she was passing out again, ok wait ONLY then would I watch.

  12. Andy says:

    I watched the show online. Tyra is pretty, knows how to dress and she can dance but she does not have a sense of humor. One reason why the interview was uncomfortable and kind of boring.

    Maybe she lost her sense of humor because of her past tough life. But I think if Tyra wants to be successful as a drag queen in the long term she needs to change her attitude somehow.

  13. Alex Klein says:

    I agree with most of the people who have commented that this was not such a great interview. I have no opinion on Tyra as I did not watch RPDR other than fleeting moments, and I hate making judgments on people based on clips. However, this interview showed no personality on Tyra’s part, and maybe that was because she hadn’t gotten much sleep, but so many of the questions were answered with yes or no and no sort of elaboration on her part. Overall, disappointing.

  14. Ben Consoli says:

    I really wanted to like Tyra, but she really is a difficult personality to warm up to. As much as I disliked her on-air personality, I must admit, I could not stop listening. Fausto and Marc were expert at keeping the show moving, but Tyra has a presence that listeners ‘love to hate’. The key word here is ‘love’. We are compelled to give her attention. That is the true sign of stardom.

  15. Tyra Sanchez is (or can be) a sweet person but for some reason she was not very talkative during this interview. She was quite exhausted, to begin with, and hadn’t slept in several days. I agree that she needs to work on her speaking skills and try to be more witty and interesting. She’s a drag queen title holder, for heaven’s sake! You’d think she’d won the Morticians of America Pageant.

  16. George says:

    God, this man is just as vapid and a shallow as on the show. This interview doesn’t even compare to the one with Pandora Boxx. Tyra is going nowhere fast.

  17. Xavi says:

    this was a boring interview…that doesn’t mean i was bored. kudos to you guys for keeping it flowing and kudos to Tyra for being himself. I feel you were lucky enough to capture the real man behind Tyra. He strikes me as shy, quiet and private. Very much opposite of what we all expected. Compare this interview to the Pam Ann interview. While that interview was VERY entertaining, it felt like Pam the character showed up for the interview and not Pam the person. This was the polar opposite.

    Many talented people are shy and reserved. it appears that tyra is one of them. if you have tyra back ask her to be in full drag. I bet it will be a completely different interview. i didn’t watch the show but i became a fan after this interview.

  18. Curtis says:

    the most unpleasant FOF interview ever. Despite all your excuses for her stank-ass behavior and demeanor Tyra merely proved that the bitch we saw on the show is the real deal baby. The biggest problem with her is that when I want a drag queen to be a bitch, I mean in a funny entertaining campy way, she’s just a plane old garden variety bitch like I could find at any Eagle Forum meeting. She hates the trappings of fame, she doesn’t appreciate that kissing the public’s ass is going to build her career. If she hoped to clarify misunderstandings and redeem herself with that interview, she accomplished the opposite. She proved that she is a bigger jerk than I thought and there would be no reason for me to want to pay money to see her tired Beyonce impersonations.

  19. Watusicat says:

    I finally goy around to listening to this one (I had put it off because I DETEST Tyra). Listening only re-enforced what I had already suspected. YIKES!

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