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that was just the most painful thing ever! can’t imagine how marc and fausto must’ve felt during the interview! m&f were totally bending over... » More

On FOF #1208 – Tyra Sanchez is Sorry About Nothing

not really, marc. it’s only a fullblown “industry” in one town near manila… besides, most of her shoes are imported signature brands, i think.... » More

On Shoe Whore Imelda Marcus Inspires Musical Genius: ”Here Lies Love”

the guys in front are mj’s actual choreographers, apparently. they came here to the philippines to teach the inmates the moves and to shoot this... » More

On The Dancing Inmates Are At It Again

anybody else got a headache after listening to this show?!! the first podcast of the first year of the new decade and you do this... » More

On FOF #1116 – Vegas in Chicago

yaayyy!!! but then again, was there even a doubt?!! so what’s next? the hall of fame? a lifetime achievement award? keep... » More

On Feast of Fun Wins People’s Choice Podcast Award for Fourth Year