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Pee on the Target

According to a research by a professor at University of Illinois, men have an instinct to “aim at a target.” Apparently, putting a picture on the back of the urinals will attract men to aim their […]

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Size Does Not Matter if You Are a Tiny Spear Squid

This tiny male spear squids blows a gigantic load compared to his body and he is able to imprenant his female counterpart by sneaking up to her mouth and shooting his jizz into it. The […]

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Credit Card Sized Chips that Test for HIV and Syphilis at Home

A new product called mChip is developed by researcher at Columbia University has 100% detection rate of HIV and syphilis. The chip can give result in 15 mins and cost only a dollars. The chips […]

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VIDEO: The Guy With a Big Dick

Hm… be careful what you wish for i guess:D

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Slug With Aphrodisiac Dart

This Weird Ninja Slug Shoots ‘Love Darts’ At Potential Mates What makes this slug so ninja-like? Because these slimy fellers shoot chalky “love darts” at potential mates which pierce and inject the proper hormones to […]

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Scientists Discover Way to Combine DNA of Two Males for Reproduction

In The Case of This Genetically Engineered Mouse, You Are BOTH the Father Not to be outdone by a mad scientist and hissecret cache of cloned sheep, other mad scientists successfully birthed a mouse fromcarrying […]

Penis Weather Forecast

Penis Weather.

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It Gets Better From Google

I was kinda surprised to find this out at a Tech Blog. This campaign is spreading pretty fast. I think whether or not it does have the impact that we intended, it is gonna have a […]

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VIDEO: Prince Popppycock- Opera Drag Queen?

Never expect to see this. When that guy sing, there is a certain feature that looks like Fausto lol

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VIDEO: Westboro Baptist Church on 20/20

How Can There be So Much Hate! Crazily Unbelievable I was looking through some news on Towleroad and found this video. Thought at first it was just another video about how the Church discriminate against […]

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