1. Here’s the ladies, after a safe sex ad.

  2. All the queens have their own short video. You can scrub ahead so you don’t have to listen to Ru say the same godamn thing over and over again. Why not put it all the girls in one video? If Logo is that worried about page views then they are in trouble or thinking small.

    And reediting Ru’s classic “You Better Work!” into “You Better Watch!” falls flat.

  3. I notice they got Kathy Griffin as a judge!

  4. Big G says:

    Boo – won’t play outside the US 🙁 Way to go Logo!! You’re right Mark – they’re definitely thinking small. Way to build up a buzz about the show!

  5. Cole says:

    I agree, Marc. Logo needs to get their ducks in a row. I knew they were going downhill when they didn’t renew “Sordid Lives: The Series” for a second season. Is this some right-wing conspiracy to have a “gay” network with nothing but crappy progamming and a limited presence? Makes me wonder just who exactly is calling the shots at Viacom..

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