FOF #717 – A Stunning Woman

Mar 4, 2008 · 1985 views

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Brace yourself, you’re about to get a stunning! Calpernia Addams, the Peabody Prize winning writer, actress and activist, best known on the Feast of Fools for her single “Stunning” joins us today to talk about […]


  1. Ben says:

    Great show! Does transamerican love story run in Canada? if so what time and station? I was going to buy it on Itunes but it\’s only available in the US store.

  2. Teddy says:

    great show guys…

    I don\’t watch much television, so i haven\’t seen Transamerican love story, but I had heard of Calpernia before. She seems like a sweet girl.

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Calpernia is the best. Does she ever sleep? Peabody winner, war vet, movie star, reality show star, YouTube star, and activist. Thank you guys for interviewing her. I knew of several things she has done and now thanks to this interview I have made all the connections. Truly Stunning!
    I love her \”Questions Not To Ask\” video.

  4. kennidi says:

    The Show was stunning, it was lovely to talk to Callie! Thank you boys for doing it! I had fun tapping the shows! Can\’t wait for the next time! Have fun in Philly later this wk!

    Much Love,

  5. Wil says:

    i can’t believe you managed not to mention **** during the podcast

    [Marc’s note to Wil- When they start paying the bills, they’ll get a mention! Until then, they can make do and I’m sure they’ll be fine.
    Hope to see you in NYC]

  6. Wow, I loved the show today and I loved having Kennidi back on the show again. I loved Soldier\’s Girl when I first watched it and getting a look at the wonderfully strong woman made me think that much more of her. Thank you Calpernia for sharing with us and thank you all for being so great and getting her on the show. Just as a P.S. Unbox on Amazon also offers Transamerican Love Story too.

    Everyone is STUNNING!

  7. STUNNING! Thank y\’all sooo much for having me on, and I apologize to everyone for having to rush off to my party at the end. It was a FUN party though, and even though it was a gay party, there was a hot straight guy there who chatted me up and asked me out to dinner. I\’m off the market at the moment, though! 馃槈

    Feast of Fools Rules! Woooo!

  8. Gary T says:

    This was a great interview, but how could it be anything less with such a great guest.

    Calpernia, if I were straight I\’d be all over you. You are such an amazing woman!

  9. Gary, you tease! 馃槈

  10. RcktMan says:

    \”Stunning\” indeed! Calpernia, you are a class act!

  11. SAL-E says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I am so happy and upset that I was not there!
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I just watched this weeks episode of Transamerican love story(I love my DVR)
    and then just now I was able to catch up with my dose of FOF.
    Have you all said it once this week?
    Just make sure you use it correctly!
    Love ya

  12. SAL-E says:

    Oh yeah, NotAnAngel79………………….You are a Hottie!
    Love ya

  13. Rhea says:

    Decorated war vet, showgirl, pop star, activist… Calpernia is a beautiful and eloquent soul. I want to live in that Bizarro parallel dimension where Calpernia is President of the United States, and all is perfect in the world.

    Simply stunning!

  14. Ok, first of all, that was amazing.

    To go into specifics, I started listening to this show thinking Fausto and Marc would as Calpernia all those \”don\’t\” questions and Calpernia would be a total bitch (the only exposure I\’ve had to her is her stunning video). But she turned out to be an amazing girl, and I\’d just like to give her kudos for her keeping going on even through all her hardships. What a truly amazing woman she is.

  15. ColJH says:

    A wonderful show! Thanks Calpernia and Kennidi for being on the show! You both are great.

    This one was one of my favorite shows recently (well…more favorite than my others). It was interesting to see the woman behind the videos, music, movies and more. I never would have guessed that Calpernia had done so many different things in her life already.

    Great show Fausto and Marc! 馃榾 Certainly was sssstunning!

  16. Marc and Fausto are soooooo good at interviewing and putting together a good show— I love you guys!!! Thanks for lifting my spirit tonight!

    SMOOCH to Miss Kennidi!!!!! you are as Calpernia says, \”Stunning!\”


  17. Aww, thank y\’all! And twilighter, I\’m so glad you got to hear the real me, ha ha. The persona in the \”Stunning\” video *would* be a bitch, probably, but she\’s more of an amusingly deluded narcissist. I, on the other hand, am all too aware of my flaws, sigh! But I\’m still happy! =)


  18. sewmonkey says:

    I wasn\’t aware of everything Calpernia had done in her life. It great to hear it direct from her own mouth, too!

  19. Gary T says:


    I was just looking on my Tivo season pass of Transmerican Love Story, and I don\’t see any new episodes in the next 2 weeks. How long are we going to have to wait for new episodes? I hope Mark goes soon.

  20. Rick says:

    Loved the show and love the song. I can\’t stop singing it! I bought it for .99 and it will be in my iPod tonight.

  21. You know guys it\’s REALLY easy to buy the season pass for the show and load it up onto your iPhone/iPod. Calpernia is a fascinating woman.

    Click here to go to the iTunes music store and get it now!

  22. Brian G. says:

    Great show. I really enjoyed the interview with Calpernia. Kennidi was fun to have on the interview.

  23. detnyre says:

    Great interview! Calpernia seems like such a fun person…. I can\’t wait to see who she ends up with on TLS!

  24. BrettC says:

    Wow! That\’s about all I can say. Calpernia has been a personal hero of mine for a long time, and her story is so amazing. She\’s definitely one of the best guests you\’ve had, and I\’d love to hear another episode with her. I loved the interview, and interesting that when I got home the DVR had the episode of Transamerican Love Story where the female to male transsexual tells his story. As a gay guy I\’ve dated trans women before, and what was amazing is I learned our sexuality and gender identity really aren\’t all that concrete. One thing this \”gay fun show\” has done well in the last year or so is represent the \”T\” in our community with people like Buck Angel, Tracy, and Kennidi. Props to the FEAST OF FOOLS for being diverse enough to include legends like Calpernia. Even being a gay man, I\’d be on that show competing for a date in a heartbeat. Simply because she is stunning, and anyone would be lucky to land some time with her.

  25. kennidi says:

    BrettC thank you so much for saying that. I think so many gay men would feel asshamed to say that a trans woman attracts them or what not. I think its great you have dated trans women before, I am just blessed that Marc and Fausto are embracing this world of trans women and men and allowing them to be on the show telling our own stories, may they be inspirational or funny. Calpernia already knows this and we have talked about it but she is an inspiration to myself. I think one day more powerful women will be trans, and she\’s starting that movement! Men like you Brett are showing all men that it doesnt matter what sexual idenity or preference you have you can still love them for them! It\’s brave of you to write that, and I know Callie will love it when she reads it! I always say I dont discrimnate towards the gays cuz any man wanting to date me has to be ready, and if he was gay then Id let it be! I enjoy my womanhood and embrace it! So thank you again, I felt inspired to write back!

    Much Love,

  26. Thanks for having Ms. Addams on the show guys. The interview revealed a very endearing and wonderful woman. Prior to hearing this interview I must admit I was intimidating by the public personae. I am such a huge fan and supporter of Calpernia now. Thank you!

  27. She was stunning. STUNNING!

  28. BrettC says:

    Thanks Kennidi, now I\’m blushing.

    I never understood why some gay men give men attitude for dating a really beautiful woman who happened to have the same genitals or used to. But in my life I have noticed the trans community really are the most comforting and affirming people to be around. I won\’t say I know what it it\’s like, but I will say I admire you and the guts it takes to be yourself in this world. I guess that\’s just about the best thing we can do.

    I say just love who you want to love. Isn\’t that what our whole community is about?

  29. Andrew J says:

    Awesome, awesome show, and I love the song. It really is addictive. Calpernia, you were a great guest! You are so eloquent and intelligent it was such a pleasure listening to you. All the best of luck to you, although you shouldn\’t need it with all that talent!!

  30. DCRyan says:

    Stunning the video…found by Jonas from Norway (to give credit where credit is due)

  31. Zoomer says:

    Really great interview with Calpernia — she\’s amazing. I can\’t even imagine the courage it must take to not only come out to yourself as being born the \”wrong gender,\” but then taking the next step(s) to do something about it. Our society is far from tolerant, let alone accepting. Calpernia is smart, eloquent, funny AND lovely. All of our trans brothers and sisters are pioneers. We need to do a better job of watching their backs. Thanks FOF for treating the topic and your guests like Tracy and Kennidi with dignity. 馃檪

  32. Oh I thought you guys had seen the video already! Ha ha, I made it sitting in front of my computer after a glass of single-malt Scotch. They’re going to put it on the Logo site, and maybe on the channel!

  33. Thom says:

    I\’ve been watching a lot of Transamerican Love Story lately, and I\’ve been getting my bf into it as well, and I\’ve decided that I think Calpernia would be a mad cool person to hang out with. So fun, and yet so modest and down-to-earth. If you get to Chicago at some point, drinks on me!

    Just my 2 cents. 馃檪

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