FOFA #756 – Chris Crocker Tells on You

Apr 14, 2009 · 1985 views

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Chris Crocker turned to the internet to escape the torment of being chased by gangs of boys at the mall. The internet helped him connect with the greater world around him when he couldn’t create […]


  1. I think this was a pretty good interview. I remember when it was posted the first time I thought he was ok. Listening to it a second time I can deffinetly tell how immature he is. Also I get the distinct impression that he’s a really bitchy queen which really annoys the crap out of me.

  2. Alfonzo says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for having Chris on the show. Previously, I’d only seen one video before the whole leave Britney alone deal. I’m glad I really had the chance to see the depth of personality Chris has, as well as his reminder to the rest of us that young gay people these days don’t necessarily have it a lot easier (especially not in Tennessee).

    I also applaud his grandmother for standing behind him.

  3. CT says:

    Thanks for re-posting this show. I think Chris was pretty funny, a little dense but entertaining. I remember when Jimmy Kimmel interviewed him on his show via phone as well and that interaction was so hilarious and Jimmy treated/exploited him very well.

  4. WARNING says:

    Chris Crocker could be totally right about aids being created. Fausto’s argument was that they (Bush and Cheney?) wouldnt want to loose their customers (at Wal mart?) so they have no incentive to kill gays.
    But the thing is….
    Who do you see dying of aids now? A gay man who contracts HIV has 15-20 years more to live IF he continues to purchase expensive drugs for pharmeceuticals ( Donald Rumsfeild made millions from the AVian flue scare becasue he had financial intrest in the company that made tamiflu WHILE IN OFFICE!!!)
    So, if anything having HIV amoung gays is “great for america” casue it keeps them alive just long enought during their productive years (and die quicker in old age) and it gets rid of the ones who arnt able to work (and thus cant afford the drugs) not to mention an impoverished black population

    maybe Chis is smarter than the last commenter thinks ( or smarter than the commenter)

  5. shadow says:

    How about getting a new interview with Chris Crocker to find out what his plans are for music or movies?

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