FOF #749 – Do Crazy Women Wear Tiaras?

Apr 29, 2008 · 1985 views

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Only crazy people, beauty pageant winners, drag queens and royalty wear tiaras- when it comes to the folks of the Windy City Empire, you can check “all the above.” It’s always such a nutty delight […]


  1. Silly teens. I myself am only 17 and I’m not looking for kids anytime soon, in fact I have a big dislike of little kids ; you can’t hit ’em if they’re not yours. Ok not really, but seriously. I have big plans and they don’t involve children or even marriage until I’m perhaps 30 or 35 even.

  2. PureeTofu says:

    I know the Windy City Empire sounds like a great group, always love anybody that helps others in a positive fashion.

    However, I’m a bit worried, I mean, have you ever been to a renaissance fair? They think they’re royalty too, I’m curious if anybody there does drag as if they are from teh middle ages. (Might be awesome, might be scary)

    By being an electric empress do you possess special powers?

    So wrong but still so funny.

  3. Lady Alexandra,

    Just two nights ago we were singing “Wicked” together at Sidetrack, and today, I hear you on my iPod! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed your show. If we meet again during a random Sunday’s Shotune sing-along, I’d appreciate your assistance in singing from my diaphragm….again. 🙂

  4. Rob says:

    I thought the show featuring Alexandra was fantastic. On the topic of gay marriage and the mention that people in Boston were rushing into marriage sans dating I’d like to comment. Being from Massachusetts, I think we need to take a different viewpoint on the issue. Marriage equality here in the Commonwealth is but only 4 years old. Being the only state in the country where same-sex marriage is legal, we are constantly aware of the nearly relentless efforts of pro-family anti-gay groups that are trying to undo the progress made for equality. While gay marriage is probably safe in Massachusetts, none of us can let our guard down, and I suspect that those who are rushing to get married may still have doubts about how safe our marriage rights really are. Any loss of support in our legislature, coupled with the election of anti-equality legislators (an ever-present possibility) could easily undo all the positives of the past four years. So that’s my take on it. Keep up the great work! Rob.

  5. The Cursing Cat says:

    input your comment here…I LOVED the show with Alexandra! She is a first-class act. Please, please, have her on again very soon. OXOX

  6. The last time I was in Vegas I felt like royalty at the Excalibur Casino 🙂 Hit $200 on the penny slot! And they gave me free drinks…and even has some hookers…I mean peasant women ask if I needed company 🙂

  7. AZ1577 says:

    It’s nice to hear a bit about the Imperial Court System on the show. I hope you have them on more. Why don’t you consider doing a live podcast from their next Coronation?

    I have been a member of the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire for over ten years now, and it is a fine organization. I like to think of them as Shriners, only with nicer hats!

  8. AZ1577 says:

    Name any Disney movie, and there has been a Cornonation with that theme!

    I’ve been lobbying our Court for the past eight years to have a Ford’s Theatre themed Coronation with the Emperor and Empress dressed as Abe and Mary just to be original.

  9. Robert says:

    This has been my FAVORITE guest so far !
    Several weeks ago I mailed Marc and Fausto a vintage image of the Buckingham Fountain that I had had for years. When I heard the fountain has been an inspiration for this guest it made me thing how strange life can be in the way things crisscross in our lives.

  10. Geostud says:

    What a fabulous guest! So much fun. Keep up the good work, Alexandra!

  11. RcktMan says:

    The Barony gals are always a big highlight of the Pride Parade and the Halloween Parade in Chicago — they’re all so glam with their crowns and tiaras, and for so long my friends and I wondered what they were all about. It was great to finally learn about this interesting and fascinating group. And Alexandra is so much fun!

    Incidentally, she looks a little like my friend Arnie in drag. Hee hee 🙂

    Hope to have Alexandra back soon! We need more SASS!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  12. Matty says:

    I represent the 80% of gay youth wanting to get married before age 30. Although I dont want kids but I still wanna get married before I’m 30. I dont know why really, its just something I’ve always seen myself doing before I turned 30.

  13. Then do it matty, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen and that’s ok too. Fausto was very lucky to find the love of his life before 30. I unfortunately was not…. I was over 30.

  14. Rhea says:

    Alexandra was a delight to listen to! Very fierce. Loved her impersonations of famous singers, especially Tina Turner and Eartha. Hil-ar-i-ous! I hope Empress Alex will come back soon!

    Fausto and Marc, I always enjoy how you boys dance on the line between respect and irreverence when interviewing your guests. Now if only other journalists acted this way…

  15. jockbdboy says:

    Holy crap, sing it Empress Alexandra!!

  16. Henry says:

    Another great show! Love the impersonations, you have to bring Alexandra back.
    Looking forward to more wonderful and delightful guests.
    much love,

  17. Alexandra turned it!! I could listen to her talk all day. Really cool how she was willing to examine people’s outside impressions of the court system. Alexandra has this self awareness that lets you know she’s in on “it”. And she was goddam hillarious too boot. Thanks for having her on the show. Totally made my day!

  18. Thanks for giving the love you all. Its this kind of love that let’s people know they are welcome back. They really feel it in the comments section.

  19. Curtis says:

    great interview, I was once “Lady of Peace” (“piece of what?” they would shout) Marlene Lovebird in the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, when I was a drag performer in SLC in the 80s. Although I much prefer the irreverence, irony, and humor of people like Heklina and Peaches Christ and The Trannyshack and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence drag world, the Royal Court system has been an important and critical part of our community and the LGBT struggle for decades. In SLC they were one of only two out-and-proud ways of engaging in the community up until the 90’s.

    On the marriage front while I believe we deserve the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as our straight counterparts, I worry that romanticizing a regressive institution like heterosexual marriage as it exists today isn’t something that I see as entirely positive for our community. If these debates were coupled with discussions about how we can liberalize our concepts of what the rules of marriage are beyond the monogamous heterosexual model I would be more comfortable with this particular issue. Instead I see LGBT rushing headlong into becoming boring kiddie producing/adopting machines and criticizing and looking down their noses at people who don’t chose to take that route. Treating single Gays and those enjoying the more liberal aspects of our community and freedom as though they are less mature, less developed, and inconsequential.

    I’ve always loved that getting married and having children were not compulsory expectations for me as they are for my straight friends and family. I see us moving to a time where you are seen as a failure as a Gay man if you don’t marry and have/adopt children.

  20. I really like this Lady!

  21. Thom says:

    I loved this show, too. This lady was sassy, fun, and real! And thoughtful as well. I laughed my ass off several times in the car. Yay FOF!

  22. Jonzu says:

    Stunning! I was at the steps of the bus disembarking; looking stupified at my I-pod in my hand when Alexandra was doing Tina Turner; thinking holy sh*t this voice is incredible! My bus lost a few extra seconds to its schedule. You stunned me! Now I’m just a slow weird one to my fellow commuters; but oh, life is richer! FaN-Tas-TiC!

  23. Curtis, isn’t it possible that we’re all moving to a place where we build the families we want, not the families we feel pressure to have?

  24. Jonas says:

    Just wanted to put in what I think is a really pretty version of “And I am telling you (I’m not going)”

  25. Jonas says:

    And I guess it didn’t embed, so here’s the link:

    It’s a little bit long, but so worth it

  26. Curtis says:

    Fausto – That’s certainly what I hope will happen – the expansion of our options, and our full inclusion in legal and institutional systems. I’m just concerned that I hear very little inside our community about how our marriages can (and should in my mind) differ from or expand the notions, assumptions and rules of traditional marriage models. I also would hate to see the LGBT community join the heterosexual bandwagon of denigrating and diminishing the value of life lead as as a single person. That you can lead a happy fulfilled existence without marriage or children. I know I have heterosexual friends and family who feel this pressure, who feel that they are obligated to marry and have children in order to have full lives or be fully accepted as adults by their peers. I don’t want us as LGBT people to lose the amazing freedom we have to create lives free of those societal feelings of obligation.

  27. But don’t we all feel the pressure to not be gay, but choose to ignore it anyways? Well except for Sen. Larry Craig- he just cruises for sex in airport bathrooms.

  28. I listened to this and was taken back to the days of being a drag husband. OMG was that an experiance. I used to live in Sacramento and was the consort to the Grand Dutchess Jazz Men LaLa (can’t even remember my old title so I’m not going to remember histitle or number, He resigned anyway) AKA Jimmie K Johnson in the Court of the Great Northwest Imperial Empire or CGNIE. I was really never truly involved before we campaigned but after it started i was there by his side every moment providing support, emotionally and finantially. I mean I was so emotionally invested that when they privately announced the results to us back stage I bustd out crying. Full on tears and everything. Now to clear a thing or 2 I am no longer with Mr. Johnson and no longer a drag husband. But would I do it over again, Hell yeah it was a fun roller coaster ride and we did host several events where we broke fund raising records. At least i’d like to believe we did. I’d just like to say that being the partner of a drag Queen is very hard, I really had to go through some things and grow in order to accept some of the thing my Ex went through doing Drag. It was really big growing experiance for me, this episode reminded me of those times. Thank you

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