FOF #710 – Stunning

Feb 22, 2008 · 1985 views

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Stunning! Stunning! We’re all stunned by Robbie D’s remix of Calpernia Addams new song “Stunning.” It is a super pop trash hit that is sure to rise to the top of the club charts. We […]


  1. Reneecamp says:

    Wait!! What is this business about you bitches coming to Philadelphia???? DETAILS?????

  2. We just got invited to a press junket for Beer Week. We’ll make some time to meet up with listeners. Not sure when or where but details will be forthcoming. We’ll be there from March 6-9

  3. Zoomer says:

    Wow, good eye spotting that stunning FOF shirt! What a cute little kid, and what a huge loss. Very, very sad…

  4. SAL-E says:

    FUN FUN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stunning………………………I have to lay off the helium balloons I sound like a gay smoker!
    I do smoke pole…..
    So I was listening to the show and I hope that I am not going to get hate mail on some of the things that we covered.
    Oh well, it’s still mail right?
    Love ya

  5. Stunning. Simply stunning.

  6. ColJH says:

    After listening to the show on my way to work today, I DEFINITELY said stunning several times.

    It’s bound to catch on!


  7. hey, fabulously stunning show as always….except the end when you guys announced you are coming to the east coast.

    so get this, when you guys are in Philly, I have the school musical im in….

    and when you are in NYC, i will be in Argentina…….

    its almost kinda funny how no matter what, I can never find a moment to meet you guys….oh well, i still have hope it will happen sometime!

    Zach 🙂

  8. Maia says:

    I love Teh-Ching Hsieh’s work… we went to see him speak @ Columbia a few years ago, and it was great to see him in person. I had no idea he and Linda Montano were lovers and then split up, before they were tied to each other for a year! That was a weird piece. Imagine collaborating with someone you had been so intimate with. Kinda like the Indigo Girls, only to the extreme…

    My favorite “one-year piece” of his was the one where he punched a time clock EVERY HOUR for a year. Insane. It really changes your perception of time… imagine feeling the passing of each hour, for an entire year. That one makes my head hurt, but in a good way. He shaved his head on the first day of the piece, then let it grow out for the duration of the project. He took a photo of himself each time he punched the clock. By the end of the year, he had a gorgeous head of hair…

    That song is so catchy! I love it. Can’t wait for the unplugged version — strumming… strumming…

  9. Great to hear Sal on the show. He is such a podcast supahstah.

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  11. History lesson over…
    Sal-E you are always STUNNING! Not forgetting the delightful duet of Fausto and Marc.
    MWA x

  12. SAL-E says:

    I love that with Science we can figure it all out………
    Thank you all for your comments and I will try to be on the show more often……………….
    Love ya ALL

  13. Jake Snow says:

    I LOVE you Sal-E!! I can’t get enough of you. Your voice and personality turn me on. 🙂 You need to be on more often!

  14. kennidi says:

    The Show was very STUNNING! SAL-E Ur hott keep it up! Of course I am the hooker that was showing my breast on chatroom cam the other nite…lol! This Sunday I will be on the chatroom again hosting a TRANNY OSCAR PARTY! So check it out! All my girls will be dressed to the nines…and if ur in the Chicago area and want to come by email me at All are welcome…since my very bestfriend Tracy will be on FOF, we have to party without her! Love you guys! It was a fun fabulous and stunning show!


  15. OMG Thank you guys for playing “Stunning”! If any of the girls performed it in a club, I’d be so happy you could knock me over with a feather! I’m working on some more dance tunes with a similar twist of humor to them, and I can’t wait to share. Thank you!


  16. BTW — If you kids need a copy, MySpace me.

  17. kennidi says:

    Well, bitches… I know SAL-E wanted to be the first bitch to do this song…well, I have had this in the works since I heard it a wk ago! Took me a while but its now up and running! The STUNNING video starring me! I technically didnt perform it anywhere in Chicago before SAL-E…but we are two different entertainers…so his take on it will be totally different!

    Hugs, and much Love,

  18. I want Sal E to paint me —– PAINT ME BABY PAINT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (snap snap)


  19. I just came back to say how much I luv Sal-E

  20. Maia says:

    me too! I love it when Sal-E is on the show. More, more!

  21. Sal-E you tramp! Ari Gold is mine!! Just kidding. Love ya! (But yeah…he’s still mine) :o)

  22. MLo says:

    Loved the song and I absolutely adore Sal-E.

  23. bodin says:

    oooh! i love calperina! that song is fabulous! and stunning!!! make a whole album already.
    i wish i could get it through itunes though!

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