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FOF #2000 – 2000 A Podcast Odyssey

It’s the 2000th show of your favorite podcast, the show formerly known as Feast of Fools, now Feast of Fun!

Today we boil down the last decade into a super-concentrated podcast slurry, full of flavor and fun. No Bones.

Join us as we take a look at our favorite moments and all the behind the scenes dirt!

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FOFA #742 – Live from Steamworks

We packed up the microphones and recording equipment and took our booties down to the “Sexiest Place on Earth,” also known as Steamworks on 3246 N Halsted Street in Chicago.

Listen as Jim Pickett, Tracy Tyler, Sal-E and his surprise guest Teriyaki, Marc Felion and me, Fausto Fernós share our wit and wisdom with the good people at Steamworks.

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FOF #810 – Glenn Knows Better

“On a scale from one to ten, just HOW GAY are you?” Imagine hearing this question from your roommate’s father, only he happens to be a famous and physically intimidating wrestler. On today’s show choreographer […]

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FOF #809 – Happy Birthday Mr. E

Sal-E has been dressing in costume and putting on make up everyday for the past seven days, in a row, just for your entertainment pleasure! Poor guy! His pores are more clogged than lesbians shoes […]

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FOF #789 – The Rainbow Connection

Taste the rainbow and we don’t mean Skittles! Gay Season reaches it’s apex this Sunday as cities across the U.S. and abroad celebrate the modern gay rights movement by holding a Pride Parade. Some may […]

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FOF #771 – Leather and Lace

IML, the International Mr. Leather conference came and went last week here in Chicago and we’re still recovering from the dizzying hurricane of leathermen, human dogs, bondage queens, otters, bears and furries! There was two […]

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Sal-E Races Against the Sun

There is something mesmerizing about seeing Sal-E in full face driving around Chicago at 5 a.m. in the morning, getting stares from people as he lip syncs to the latest hot song from Madonna. This […]

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FOF #757 – Pre-Cycling

Everybody is going green these days, and I’m not talking about the incredible hulk! Whoo I’d love to be around the ONE time his pants finally ripped off when he transformed. No, were talking about […]

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FOF #753 – Cinco de Mayo Clinic

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Okay, so it’s a little hard to celebrate the Mexican equivalent of St. Patrick’s day, a drinking holiday, on a Monday, but bear with us. Sal-E joins us to start […]

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FOF #748 – Teriyaki Sauced

Sit tight! We’ve got a drag-queen filled, delicious roller coaster ride of podcasting for you today. Sal-E’s best gal-pal Teri Yaki joins us to talk about why so many people love to claim a drag […]

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